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5 Hair Styling Tips
to Increase Your Hair's Volume & Bounce

Most women would love to have more volume in their hair. In fact, women spend thousands of dollars each year on product after product, with the hopes they increase the volume of their hair. With brands like Loreal and Paul Mitchell selling shampoos, mousse, conditioners and more, for ladies to use if they want more hair volume, there are many tools out there you can turn to. If you want to know how to get more body to your hair, use these five beauty tips!

1. Don’t Wash Hair Everyday!

While it may sound disgusting for you not to wash your hair everyday, celebrity stylists recommend you not wash your hair on days you want mega volume. Hair that’s freshly washed often falls limp, especially if its medium to long. If you have no choice but to wash your hair, at least use volume-specific shampoo and conditioner.

2. Use The Right Hair Care Products!

If you need more volume in a pinch, you can get what you want with volumizing mousse or spray. Just add it to damp hair and work the product throughout your hair with your fingers, before combing. This works with hair of all lengths, from short to long, from thin to thick!

3. Blow Dry Hair Upside Down!

Although this is an old trick, it’s a good one. To get the most volume out of your blow drying session, flip your head upside down and blow dry your hair. While you’re drying, use your fingers to massage your scalp, lifting your roots as you dry it. If your hair is curly, simply scrunch your hair while you’re drying it. If your hair is short, work some gel in before doing this. If you want to wear your hair straight, finish the drying process by flipping your head back up and using a large round brush.

4. Add Bounce with Velcro Curlers!

Directly after you’ve dried your hair, brush it out and use jumbo Velcro curlers as part of your styling technique. You can find these at any beauty store and many general merchandise stores. You simply roll large sections of hair onto the rollers and their soft Velcro allows them to stay in your hair. This works best if you have straight hair but it can also be wonderful for wavy hair. Give your hair a quick burst of warm air with your hair dryer and then let them cool while you do your makeup or get dressed. When you take them out, you’ll love the extra bounce! Just be careful if your hair is super long, as the curlers can get stuck in your long locks quite easily.

5. Pick Your Part Right!

If you want to give your hair a full look, be sure you style your hair against your natural part. If your hair is thin, this can be an easy way to always ensure your hair looks full and flirty. This will create an instant thick look!

Having high volume hair is extremely sexy, which is why most women crave it. To get full locks, Hollywood beauties often turn to hair extensions. However, everyday gals can’t afford expensive extensions or carve out the needed time to maintain them. They can be beautiful, but they are for high maintenance chicks only. Instead, you can use these five beauty tips to help you get more volume to your hair, everyday!

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