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Hair Parting:
Best Ways to Part Your Hair Style for Your Face Shape

If you’re like most women, hair parting­­­­ is something you do without giving the task much thought. You may have always parted your hair to the right or to the left and have never changed. However, where you part your hair can mean a lot! In fact, choosing the right spot for the part or style of the part can help you have a more flattering look or can oppositely make you look less appealing. To learn how to part your hair for your face shape or hair cut, use these beauty tips!

Center Part– Straight Down the Middle

This youthful part is best for ladies with oval face shapes. It can also work on a round faced beauty but only if you have a smaller nose. Those with larger noses should never try this part, as it will only draw attention to your nose area. A center part can also work on ladies with square face shapes, if paired with natural looking curls. Many Hollywood stars use the center part when their hair is extremely long, to give it a more youthful appeal.

Side Part - To the Left or To the Right

The side part is flattering on almost all face shapes and can instantly give you a volume boost at the top of your hair. It’s great for making thin hair look much thicker. It’s great for ladies with a heart shaped face, as it allows the wider upper area of the head to visually be broken up and thinned out.

Diagonal Part – Create Illusions

Most often the diagonal part is done when you have bangs to work with. This can allow bangs to hang in front, in a very attractive way. It gives you more width and height to hairstyles and is flattering on many face shapes. Off center parts like this also look great on round faces, as they create an illusion of the eye and make the face appear slimmer. In addition, they can be great on square faces as they blur the sharper edges of the square face shape, especially when done with layers.

Zigzag Part - Get Crazy

If you want a very trendy and dramatic part, the uneven zigzag is the way to go. To do this part, you’ll need to take a comb and draw a zigzag line from the middle of the back of your crown to the front. After you’ve “drawn” the line with the comb, separate your hair from left to right. This type of part works on any hair length, from long to short and is a technique anyone can learn in only minutes. In addition, it’s the ideal part to use if you’re in between color touch ups and want to mask your unsightly roots.

How to Test a New Part Style Out

Overall, the best way to find your perfect hair part is to experiment. You know better than anyone else what hairstyles look best on you. Wait until your hair is completely dry and use a comb to test out these hair parts. You’ll be able to see what parts slim your face shape and what parts tend to bring out your less than favorite facial features. If after your home experiment you still feel confused about hair parts, ask your stylist to teach you how to figure out what hair part you should be wearing.

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