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How to Change Your Hair as You Age:
Tips on Coloring, Cuts, Care and Styling

As we mature and get older, there is often a lot of talk about “dressing our age”. Most ladies over 35 wouldn’t be caught wearing a mini skirt or a pink princess dress unless they wanted to be a fashion victim featured on TLC’s “What Not To Wear”. However, there is very little chatter about changing your hairstyle as you age. Although there aren’t many people focusing on this issue, it is important your hairstyle matches your age.

What to Do with Hair COLOR As You Age

  • Covering Grey Hair: If you want to look more youthful, in a very natural way, you can certainly consider covering your gray roots at the salon or at home with a Loreal or Miss Clariol coloring kit. To maintain the color grey coverup, it’s likely you’ll need to touch up your roots at least once a month. Gray usually peeks through quickly if your natural color is dark, so be diligent about reapplying the color or you’ll only end up looking ridiculous and even older than you are.

  • Skip the Bold Color Choices: Under no circumstances should you ever consider going too bold with your hair color. Sure, change is a good thing when you want something new with your hair styles, but stick to natural colors that fit your age. While blue or green highlights might be the new trend, leave it to the teenage girl next door and be sure to act like the classy aging or middle age woman you are.

How to Change Your Hair CUT As You Age

  • Change Up Your Hair Length: As you age, chances are you’ll want to adjust your hair length to fit your lifestyle. Most often, ladies choose to wear their hair a bit shorter. This can be due to the fact they are tired of dealing with long hair or can be due to the fact short hair is easier to color for gray cover-up. If you’d like to hold on to your youth a little more, consider wearing your hair a little longer. However, it might look a little inappropriate to wear it any longer than at the bottom of your collar bone.

  • Stick to Classic Cuts: To fit your age, make sure you keep your hair cut and style a bit understated. You’ll only look like a person who’s trying to look much younger than they are if you try out crazy hair styles like a Mohawk or other trendy style.

 Mature Hair Care Tips: Washing & Conditioning Changes

  • Your Hair Will Need More Moisture: When you get older, your hair will likely lose some of its natural luster and shine. Many women notice their hair changes from normal or oily to dry. Thus, it’s important to chance your hair products to provide your hair with more moisture. Figuring out how to style your hair is important, but taking care of your hair’s overall condition is also important. If you want extra shine, use a 2-in-1 shampoo/conditioner product and then follow up with a thick conditioner, each time you wash your hair.

  • Change Up Your Washing Routine: Just because your hair is getting drier, doesn’t mean you should skip washing it at least four times a week. In fact, it’s best to wet it in the shower each day, even if you don’t actually shampoo it. If you want your hair to always look fresh, shampoo only your roots each day and condition the ends of your hair. Or, you can always choose to use dry shampoo in between washes.

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