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Temporary or Permanent Hair Extensions:
Do they Damage Your Hair?

Celebrities all over the world have used wigs and hair extensions for years. Today, hair extensions (both temporary and permanent) are available not only to the rich and famous, but to everyone. Now, anyone and everyone can change their style with simple products like HairDo.

Hair extensions are basically hair additions that can change the length or volume of your hair. While most believe they’re only used to make your hair longer, the opposite is true. They can make your hair appear fuller or even shorter. In addition, hair extensions can give you temporary braids or dreadlocks.

Types of Hair Extensions

There are several types of extensions. Hair extensions are typically wefted or sold loose. Wefted hair is synthetic hair that is sewn onto a base and used in the art of hair weaving. Loose hair is not bound on a base. Permanent hair extensions can last for up to four months or more, if maintained. Most often this type of extension is attached by a professional. Temporary hair extensions are most often used for a special event and then removed. This type of extensions can also include clip on varieties and are almost always safe for natural hair. The loose hair type of extensions is often used for fusion services. It can even come in pretipped versions where it’s bound into tips or plugs. Glue is often used to attach the hair in a natural way, where it blends in with the other hair on the head. However, the glue used to attach extensions can damage your hair by splitting the ends. You almost always need to get a major cut after the extensions are removed.

Do Hair Extensions Damage Hair?

While hair extensions can be an easy way to have an instantly long hairdo, there are some disadvantages to consider. Hair extensions can damage hair because of the glue that is used to attach them. It can burn the ends of your natural hair, and you will almost always need to have the ends of your hair trimmed after the extensions are removed. Additionally, extra long or thick hair extensions can put pressure on your hair follicles at the scalp. Wearing hair extensions for a long period of time without having a “rest” period in between can cause permanent damage. To minimize the damage that can be caused by hair extensions, have them applied by an experienced professional who uses the least harmful products. Take good care of your hair while you have the extensions attached. And, take a break in between hair extensions—this can be a great time to try out a new, shorter look for a while before you opt for the long locks again.

Safe Washing of Hair Extensions

The easy thing about hair extensions is their washing and styling care is not challenging. You can style them as you would natural hairstyle. However, gentle shampoo should be used. To remove the extensions you should visit the professional who added them for a chemical removal treatment process. Or, you can simply remove them at home by twisting them easily until the seal snaps.

One of the most popular items on the market is HairDo, the line of extensions by Jessica Simpson and Ken Paves. This line offers both human hair styles and Kanekalon Vibralite modacrylic fiberous styles. They’re well made and are hardly noticeable. The clip on system is easy for anyone to insert and doesn’t cause any damage to your hair. You can get an instant pony tail, braid, or even straight hair without visiting a professional. Simpson and Paves give the average person the opportunity to get celebrity salon results, at home!

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