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Bad Hair Dye Job:
Fix Wrong Color Results with These Tips

Whether you use at-home hair dye from popular permanent hair color companies like Clairol to get rid of grey hair or get a professional highlight dye job at a high class salon, there may come a time where you find yourself with an unexpected bad hair dye job you’re longing to fix in a flash.

If You Went To A Professional Salon For The Color

If you went to a professional salon, call them immediately. Most salons will give you a 48-72 hour window to sit with the color and will change it for no additional cost if you don’t like the results. Of course, if the stylist refuses to repair the damage or if you’re unsure of their capability to do so you may want to pay a color correction expert at another salon to ensure you won’t end up with a brassy or wrong tint again. Remember, color correction can take multiple trips to the salon, for the color removal to be fully effective. But, don’t be tempted to try to fix it at home, yourself with cheap bleach, toner products or henna dyes. You’ll only make the problem worse or completely damage the natural health of your hair.

If You Did Your Hair Color Yourself at Home

If you screwed up your hair with an at-home hair color kit, you may be in luck. Many of the boxes will include a help line number available during daytime business hours. Hair color experts at these numbers can often help you find a solution. These experts can also offer hair coloring tips, teach you how to learn to chose the best color for you and help you in choosing the right type of dye for your hair type. There may be a chance you can re-color your hair with a darker semi or demi-color. In addition, if your problem is a green tint you can often find chorine removal shampoo which can help you or even do an old fashioned tomato juice soak to remove the green color.

Here are a few tips to remember when you’re suffering the results of a bad hair dye job…

  1. Time will fade color: Remember your hair color won’t last forever. There is no need to panic!

  2. Heat often fades color as well: Hot water can fade colored hair, along with other shampoo products like Matrix Amplify, Prell shampoo or even hot olive oil. Heat and these products are made to open the hair cuticle and this can help with rapid hair color fading. Of course, these things will only fade your color which may not be a fast enough option for you.

  3. Call beauty schools: If you can’t afford to go to a salon for hair color correction, try to find a hair college or beauty college where you might be able to volunteer to be a hair model. Many times these colleges are looking for people in town to allow them to demonstrate certain techniques upon for their students. Most charge you nothing for the services. It may be a long shot, but it’s worth a try. Even if they don’t have modeling options you may be able to get a re-color for a very low cost compared to most other hair salons and most often the quality is just as good if not better because the students are trying to get great grades.

  4. Avoid repeat mistakes: Once you go through a bad hair dye experience, you won’t want to go through another in the future. So, be sure to carefully choose your new stylist or be careful when trying to dye your own hair.

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