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Using Your Blow Dryer:
How to Get Smooth Hair Styles and Buying Tips

A blow dryer can be a blessing or a curse, depending on the length and condition of your hair. To some life without a hair dryer is impossible while to others it is the reason for any number of problems associated with their tresses. To dispel some of the myths surrounding this ubiquitous appliance, it is crucial to understand the advantages and disadvantages of the blow dryer.

Straightening Tips

Not even the best hair dryer from Vidal Sassoon or Conair will guarantee you a healthy head of hair if you alternate its use with an inexpertly applied curling iron or flat iron for straightening your tresses. Too many heat treatments applied to hair too closely together will damage the follicles as well as the hair, no matter which blow dryer styles you choose.

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Professional Products, Professional Results

For so many women, bad hair days come way more often than is acceptable.  Too many women follow poor hair care routines, and use the wrong styling products and equipment.  The products that you use do make a difference in the health and look of your hair.  A cheap hairdryer can often be the root of your frizzy, dry hair and split ends.  Spending a few extra bucks on a professional quality hair dryer means you have some flexibility in the settings—heat, cool, speed, etc.  With some salon blow dryers you even get some attachments, like a diffuser or a root drying tool.  These little extras help you dry your hair in a way that is efficient but not damaging.  And drying your hair with the proper hair dryer also maximizes the effectiveness of those expensive salon gels and creams.

Do yourself and your hair a favor and get a great hair dryer!


Hot Blow Dryers are Not Best

While heat is a distinct disadvantage of the blow dryer, the fact that you have the power to choose the watts providing the force behind the appliance is a distinct plus. Eschew the cheap discount dryer that is weak with respect to wattage and cannot get your long mane dried in a reasonable period of time. Instead, opt for a salon recommended dryer – even if the price is a bit higher – that will get your hair dryer faster, thus exposing it to the hot air for a shorter period of time. If you wish to use a quiet blow dryer you can travel with and that will keep your hair healthier, an ionic appliance is perfect, but it is also rather expensive.

Professional Results from Mounted Hotel Hair Dryers?

While many new hotel blow dryers come with a holder, most do not offer attachment, and if you have a longer hairdo it is through the mounted nozzle tips that the air is channeled so as to present the best, almost professional results. Many consumers have reported that the hair actually feels smooth and full rather than hot and in need of repair.

More Heat Settings and Features for Best Results

Stay away from blow dryers that have great ratings but lack several heat settings. The bare minimum are three settings, one of which needs to be a cool shot. Even if your blow dryer offers a diffuser attachment for curly hair, if it lacks the cool setting you are at a distinct disadvantage.

Advantages and disadvantages of blow dryers also pertain to the weight. Remember that you will be operating the appliance one-handed while at the same time wielding a brush with your other hand. Additionally, some hair drying products feature a lower sound volume which is great if you use the hair dryer often. Some have child safety features while others offer bonnet attachments usually reserved for professional appliances. These are advantages when you use your hair dryer frequently and for varying reasons, but disadvantages if you have an eye on the price.

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