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How to Choose a Hair Brush
for Your Hair Type and Styling Needs

Although everyone owns at least one, most women donít think much about what type of hair brush they should use or buy. Most often, people choose the same type of hairbrush theyíve been using since they were a child and rarely try anything new. However, choosing the right type of hair brush for your hair and your specific style needs can help you better achieve the look youíre going for. From Sephora brushes to Mason Pearson, there is a brush out there for you!.

Types of Hair Brush Bristles

  • Boar Bristles: This type of brush is actually made from hog hair. They work to create a shinier look to your hair. They are often mixed with nylon bristles because boar hair tends to be weak and brittle. Naturally soft, they are great for use on childrenís hair.


  • Nylon Bristles: This is the name often used for plastic bristles, rubber bristles, nylon bristles and other synthetic bristles. They can be soft, flexible, stiff or firm. They offer various levels of control, but typically the stiffer and closer together the bristles are, the more control youíll have.


  • Porcupine Bristles: This type of brush isnít technically porcupine in any way, but is called this because the bristles are grouped together. Most often they are a combination of boar and nylon. This type of bristle is great for fine hair or if you want to comb wet hair.

In addition to finding a brush with the proper bristles, youíll need to see what style of brush is best for you.

Hair Brush Styles & Shapes

  • Vented Brushes: This brush, with wide spaces and flexible bristles allows for excellent airflow. They are great for drying your hair because they let the heat come through the brush, easily. They never force the hair to conform to a certain style, which is great for thick or thin hair.


  • Round Brushes: Most professional salon experts will advise not to buy a round brush, due to the fact if you donít know how to use them you can easily get them caught in your hair. In fact, they can often get so wrapped up in your hair, youíll need to get the brush cut out! The good thing about these brushes is they can be used to dry your hair very smoothly or to add a little volume and natural curl to your look. If you want to get curl, wait until your hair is almost dry and curl the section around the brush loosely. Then blast the area with a hot hair dryer for about ten seconds. When you release the hair from the brush, it should curl up or under (depending on the way you positioned the hair on the brush before heating).


  • Paddle Brushes: This flat type of brush is great to protect and for brushing long hair. It allows you to style and brush long hair, without causing damage. They can also prevent tangle problems. A paddle brush is not often recommended for short hair, as they are often too large and will be difficult to work with if your hair is above shoulder length.


A hair brush can come in a variety of styles and designs, priced high and low. After you understand the differences in hairbrush bristles and categories and review these tips above, itís likely youíll be on your way to choosing the best brush for your hair!

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