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5 Makeup Tips for Natural Looking Faces with Freckles

When youíre a kid, freckles are adorable! But, as you age and the sun wreaks havoc on your skin, you may find yourself wanting to cover them up more and more. Freckles are also known as ephelis and appear on many people with fair complexions (and often if youíre a redhead), because they have less melanin in their skin. Melanin is created in skin cells called melanocytes and often the production or lack thereof is due to pigment genetics. Basically, their job is to protect your skin from skin damaging UV rays. They actually work to reflect and absorb the ultraviolet rays. If your skin has a lot of melanin, you naturally have a tanner skin tone. But, those without much melanin often have melanocytes that create more when they are exposed to the sun, which can lead to the development of freckles.
Tips for Faces with Freckles

What You Can Do About Freckles

While some people still likely think your freckles are cute, unless you want to spend a lot of money on expensive laser facial treatments, youíll have to live with them for a long time. The good news is, you can hide freckles easily with simple makeup tips that are flattering for everyone.

To learn how to disguise the freckles on your face with makeup techniques, use these five makeup tips!

Tip #1 Use A Maximum Coverage Foundation & Concealer

If youíre more interested in hiding your freckles, start by grabbing a sponge or a makeup foundation brush and applying a maximum coverage foundation to your entire face. Be sure you choose a shade that matches the skin tone on your neck, for the most natural look. Blend your foundation really well around your cheek bones and nose, since this is most likely where your freckles are found. Itís important to choose a maximum coverage if you want to effectively camouflage your freckles, as it is the only type which will effectively cover your freckles.

Another great makeup tip to remember if you want to conceal your freckles is to make concealer your best friend! To do this, take a small amount of concealer and dab it onto your freckled areas. By dabbing it on with your finger, it should blend automatically and give you the coverage you need. If you try to rub concealer on your face, it will blend too much and merge with the foundation to give you no additional coverage. Itís always best to choose a concealer in a shade lighter than your foundation, to get the most natural results. In addition, be sure youíre choosing a yellow based concealer, instead of a pink based concealer, for best results.

Tip #2 Letting Your Freckles Show, Beautifully!

If youíd like natural looking coverage which allows your freckles to show, without looking covered up, itís best to use a sheer foundation or tinted moisturizer. This will help even out your skin tone, but will also let your freckles show, beautifully.

Tip #3 Highlighting Facial Areas To Detract From Your Freckles

Highlighting your cheekbones and the corners of your eyes will help detract from any freckles that might not have been able to be completely covered or concealed. You can find great highlighter products from brands like Sephora or Bare Essentials, in both liquid and powder forms. Be sure to choose a highlighter in a neutral shade and one with a shimmer to it.

Tip #4 Prepare The Skin With Homemade Freckle Lightening Serums

To get the best results with makeup, itís best to prepare your skin properly before applying any. There are a few natural ways you can reduce the appearance of your freckles and thus make your makeup look more natural.
  • Make a lemon juice treatment solution. Simply combine lemon juice with a little water and rub it onto your face (avoiding the eye areas). Allow it to sit for about ten minutes and then rinse. Apply makeup after cleansing the face. Lemon will naturally lighten freckles.
  • Use sour milk to create a mask to wear in the evening. This will also naturally lighten freckles, although it might leave a terrible smell in your nose for a few hours.
  • Create a cucumber mask with cucumber juice, honey and a teaspoon of lemon juice. Apply it to your face and wait 20 minutes before rinsing and applying makeup.

Tip #5 Use A Great Facial Moisturizer With SPF

Beauty experts agree that moisturizing your face is vital if you want to ward off wrinkles, but it can also be great for those who want to prevent freckles. To find an appropriate moisturizer, be sure to search for those which also include SPF. The SPF is great for protecting your skin from sun damage, which includes the addition of new freckles. However, itís also a great way to prevent your current freckles from getting darker!

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