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Beauty in Your Forties:
Makeup, Skin and Style Tips For Women In Their 40ís

So, you’re partying days of your 20’s are over, your stressful days of your 30’s are fading and you feel like you finally know exactly who you are. But, as you look in the mirror you may worry and start to have trouble recognizing the woman starting back at you. As you are leaving 30s behind, instead of going forward with fear be sure to embrace your new age with an updated skin care and makeup outlook. The best things about your 40s is the fact you can still have fun without worrying about every little “crisis” life throws your way. So, embrace your new life joys and age!
Beauty Tips After Turning 40

Your Fourties Skin: Sun Damage, Wrinkles and Changes

Maybe you spent too much time in the sun when you were younger or maybe you just didn’t think about skin care before now, but chances are you are now noticing the sun damage and signs of aging from your past. You might have blotchiness, red spots and fine lines appearing. As you’re aging and turning fourty years old, your skin is changing too. It’s losing collagen and elasticity so it will retain much less moisture. This ultimately means you’ll not only start noticing more wrinkles but also lose some of your natural glow. You need to continue to preserve, maintain and repair your skin.

Skin Care Routine Updates for Women In Their 40’s

By your 40th birthday, you should already be in a great skin care and beauty routine. However, it needs to change a bit as you enter this new decade of life and celebrate. Things you should know already about skin care should only be modified a bit. Start using a creamy cleanser both day and night (skip the gel) and follow with a broad-spectrum moisturizer with SPF 15 or 20. Find a moisturizer with at least two kinds of antioxidants such as green tea, soy or lycopene. Different antioxidants target different things in the skin. You can also find a formula with peptides to help collagen strength. If you have dry skin problems, try something with shea butter, petrolatum or hyaluronic acid. Always use a nighttime treatment to help reduce brown spots, soften your lines and thicken your epidermis (prescription retinoid is recommended). Words of wisdom: if the prescription retinoid bothers your skin, try it every other night.

Age Appropriate Makeup and Cosmetics: Women In Their 40’s

Much like your hair has changed over the years to fit your age and style, so should your make up style. While facts may tell you that you should go with the “mom makeup” you may find yourself curious with thoughts about new makeup trends. As long as the trends don’t involve neon colored eye shadow or glitter, go for them!

When choosing a foundation in your 40s, think about spending a little more to get one with a built in SPF 15 or 20 and peptides. This will help you get the coverage you need and build in extra skin care benefits at the same time. Always opt to use a concealer to help cover up that redness and blotchiness you’re likely seeing from past sun damage. Apply the foundation first and then the concealer, blending both together to get a seamless look. Dealing with a foundation and concealer from the same brand can be helpful, as blending two brands together can bring great difficulty if you want natural results.

Keep the blush light and focused on the apples of your cheeks, looking for natural glowing colors to help you gain back some of the natural glow time is taking away from your skin.

Instead of using heavy lipstick and liner, think about getting a tinted gloss or cream lipstick that will allow you to have a youthful look on your lips. When doing this, try to stay away from dark colors and opt for melon colors, pink colors, peach colors or chic nude colors.

Eye shadow colors of brown, gray, silver or purple are often great for those in their 40’s. Be sure not to overdo it with the eyeshadow and unless you don’t have very many eye area wrinkles be sure to steer clear of frosty formulas and only use them for highlighting purposes. Also, remember to keep your eyebrows perfectly plucked or waxed and use a soft eyebrow powder to fill in any sparse areas instead of a heavy eyebrow pencil.

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