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Men Enjoy Flowers Too:
Sending Your Guy Flowers is a Welcome Surprise

An inner-beauty tip: men like to feel beautiful too. And we often take them for granted, because although men do worry about their looks, they like to act like they don’t. But if you can manage to tell a guy he’s attractive in a way that doesn’t threaten his masculinity, you will increase his interest and his self-esteem.
Girl Friday Picking Flowers

Even Manly-Men Like Color, Fragrance, and Fashion

Guys get cheated by their role in society. They aren’t expected to like colors, or
to be interested in fashion or nice-looking things (unless the things are made of wood or leather). I was friends with an Air Force training pilot who once told me that when he was a kid of about nine years old, he wanted to try growing roses, and his father was so freaked out by his son’s homosexual leanings that he never mentioned flowers again. He grew up to be macho and tough, just like his father expected. He also paid a lot of attention to being hyper-masculine. He wouldn’t wear sandals, no matter how hot it got, because in his home town, straight men didn’t wear sandals. He bought a house and a Boxter and lived pretty well, considering he’d locked away everything tender and interesting that he could have become if his dad hadn’t been so angry and afraid.

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Guys Like Flowers, but…(Men Love Gadgets Too)

Unique household gadgetsSome guys love to get flowers, but you can't give flowers regularly. If your guy has had the dozen roses, you still have to find him birthday, anniversary or Christmas presents! In general, men love gadgets, even when they don't know what they're for.

One man thrilled to the idea of building an outdoor smoker after seeing a cooking video about smoking fish. He didn't like smoked fish at all, but he was enchanted with the latest in thermometers — a digital probe food thermometer that fit inside the smoker to monitor the temperature. Thermometers, barometers, moisture meters and pedometers — all these things speak to the masculine soul.

And let's not forget digital video recorders, or anything that takes a picture and a disk. Guys love things with buttons and LEDs? Anything electric, anything electronic. Women don't know why men are fascinated by machinery, but we bow to the mystery that is man, and buy them things.

See unique household gadgets that almost any man could appreciate and would make a great gift.


A lot of guys are persuaded to go against their artistic or creative impulses when they are too young to know how wrong it is to deprive a child of his imaginative freedom. Encountering enough ridicule or meanness, they learn that they are supposed to like beer, pizza and trucks, nothing else. But they don’t forget the things they wanted when they were little. One thing men love about women is the way we bring sweet smells and bright colors into their lives.

Guys Can Appreciate the Gifts of Flowers Too

That’s why I want to say here that once of the nicest things you can do to show a guy, boyfriend or father your appreciation is to send him a flower arrangement. They don't have to be roses: consider exotics like ginger flowers and red anthurium or a nice potted fern. Dad’s, friends, or sweethearts, men who get flowers at work get more than a girly-gift. They get prestige, the honor of being the kind of man women spend money on. They get flowers, which are “chick magnets” in themselves. And they get the same, tingly surprise that women get when someone walks through the door with a bunch of blooms and presents it to them. Right out of the blue.

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