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6 Tips for Successful Flirting:
Social Interaction and Confident Impressions

Women have used flirting to attract men for centuries. From the batting of the eyelashes in times before to the five second eye lock used often today, men often can’t resist the flirting temptations put out by women. Flirting makes it easy for women to give men signals of interest, without making them actually say they are interested. While many women still use a suggestive double entendre to make their move, others use flirting power maneuvers to get what they want. If you’re not a confident flirter, use these tips to help you feel more comfortable with approaching those you’re interested in getting to know better.
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Become a Confident Flirter with These Flirt Tips:

  1. Be Clear

    Women often assume men know what their signals mean, however men are traditionally really bad at interpreting signals from women. So, when you’re flirting with a handsome guy you’re interested in dating be sure your signals are loud and clear. Remember, it’s pretty rude to flirt with someone just for the fun of it unless you already know each other. Be sure if you’re flirting with a stranger you genuinely want to get to know them better. Say what you mean and mean what you say!

  2. Smile When Your Flirt

    Men are naturally drawn to women who like to have fun and who wear a smile. Practice entering every room with a smile on your face and notice how much more attention you’ll get from the males in the place. When you’re in the mood for some flirting, be sure to keep it positive and smile. When you feel great about yourself and portray a sense of happiness, others will feel great about you too.

  3. Flirting Props

    If you have a difficult time approaching people and want men to approach you instead, you may need to rely heavily on a flirting prop. Flirting props are items you can carry to get people to notice you. The key to these being effective is to choose something which will get you attention but not something which will get you unwanted or negative attention from men. For example, a fun scarf or piece of jewelry might be a great way to try this tip out.

  4. Go It Alone

    While going out alone might not be the safest idea in today’s world of dating, while you are out with your friends you should separate yourself from them a bit to seem more approachable by men. Men might feel too intimidated to approach you if you’re with a group of rowdy girls and might feel as if he would be rejected not only by you but a whole group of women. So, take every opportunity to venture to the pool table, bar or patio alone for a few moments at a time.

  5. Be Fearless When Single

    Unless you are painfully shy, a good flirt should feel comfortable approaching a man she has her eye on. Approximately 95% of single men love to be approached by women, as it strokes their ego. So, give it a try!

  6. Be You for a Great First Impression

    People today are looking for authenticity so when you are out and about, be sure to be yourself. If you act like someone you’re not, your guy will find out sooner or later. So, start things off right and just be yourself from the beginning.

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