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Fix a Bad Haircut:
How to Recut, Style or Grow Out a Bad Chop

Everyone has been through it and no one ever wants to go back…to the worst haircut of their life! Maybe you tried a new stylist, maybe you asked for something that wasn’t suited for your face shape or maybe your beauty salon expert just didn’t deliver. Whatever the circumstances, learning how to fix a bad haircut at home can fix your hair dilemma.

Decide What You Don’t Like About the Hair Cut

The first step to do is to take a really good look at the haircut to decide what it is you hate about it. Did the stylist cut it too short or not chop your bangs in an uneven way? Once you figure out what you dislike about it, you can take action. Before you begin your assessment, wash and dry your hair as you normally would. Sometimes this is all it takes to make you love your hair.
Fix a Bad Haircut

If Your Hair Style is Too Short

Nothing you can do today can make your hair grow rapidly. There is no miracle hair growth serum you can purchase. So, in the event your hair has been cut too short you are facing the worst of ugly haircut situations. You can always go purchase a chic wig but most women would rather just wait it out. One thing you can do to help your hair appear longer is to straighten it out. Using a flat iron on your hair will make it appear longer and sleeker. These tips are especially effective if you have curly or wavy hair. You can also use cute accessories like clips and decorative pins to add flair to your new shorter do.

If Your Hair Is Too Curly in Texture

Often when people get perms, they hate the tightness of the curls for the first four days or so after getting the perm. If you seriously cannot stand the curls, you can purchase at-home relaxant products but these can be difficult to work with. You can also simply wash your hair right after getting home. Most of the time permed hair should not be washed for at least 24 to 48 hours but if you wash it sooner you might be able to relax it just a bit. If not, think about experimenting with gels and hairspray to get it just the way you want it to look.

If Your Hair Is Cut Uneven

Growing up you may have been very embarrassed to have that annoying cowlick but not that you’re all grown up, the worst hair moments are usually when you’ve received an uneven hair cut. To fix a bad hair cut, grab your scissors and be ready to boost your self esteem within moments. Remember to start slow! Trim a small amount of hair and then step back to look at your results. If you think it needs more, trim a little more hair. Repeat this process until you have the results you desire.

While you can surely fix a bad hair cut at home, most salons do offer a 48-72 hour re-style time period where you can come back in at no charge to have your hair fixed. Of course, it may be embarrassing for you to call the salon back or you may not trust the hair stylists there to fix your hair problem. Just remember, you deserve to leave the salon being completely satisfied so there is no shame is asking for a re-do!

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