Eye Makeup: Tips, Tricks and How to Apply Different Looks

Read the below eye makeup beauty tips to learn how to apply eye makeup looks like professional make-up artists do. Learn how to get the perfect cat eye look or smokey eye. Get tips on how to get long lashes with mascara, eyelash curling or the help of false eyelash products. Get advice on shadow and liner colors that will highlight your natural eye color whether it be blue, brown, green or hazel.

Eye Makeup Basics

Makeup Tips by Eye Shape: Wide, Narrow, Deep or Lidded
Learn how to apply eye makeup according to your eye shape. Learn how to apply shadow and liner to.best accentuate your wide, narrow or deep set eyes.

Apply Eyeliner: Easy Styles, Designs, Tips & Techniques
Learn how to apply liquid, powder or pencil eyeliner in an everyday style or fun design.

Get Longer, Thicker Lashes: Mascara Tips
Learn how to apply mascara for natural, long, and thick looking eyelashes

How to Curl Your Eyelashes: Instructions and Tips
Get step by step instructions on how to curl your eyelashes. Find out the best ways to accentuate eyes with longer, more glamorous lashes.

Covering Up and Remedies for Under Eye Dark Circles
Under eye circles have a long list of causes from lack of sleep to your genes. Learn some tips and tricks for lessening the appearance of dark circles with home treatments and makeup.

Accentuate Your Eye Color With Your Eye Makeup
Get eye makeup ideas and beauty tips to highlight any eye color; use the best shadow, mascara, pencil and eyeliner for your blue, brown, green, or hazel eyes.

How to Apply False Eyelashes Tips and Tricks
Learn how to apply false eyelashes for added length and glamour; find out about makeup products, ways to put on and adhesive to avoid a fake look.

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Eye Makeup Looks

Cat Eye Makeup: Tips For a Dark, Sexy Look
Get beauty tips for how to apply cat eye makeup using shadow, pencil, liner, color and mascara; learn about false lashes and curlers for a dark, sexy look.

Eye Makeup Tips to Make Eyes Appear Larger
Learn how to make eyes appear larger using eye makeup tips and tricks; find out about beauty products such as shadow, liner and mascara for dramatic effects.

Smoky Eye Makeup: Application and Technique Tips
Get beauty tips and techniques for smoky eye makeup; learn how to choose eyeliner, eyeshadow and mascara to create the look and style.

Applying Eye Makeup for Today's Styles and Vintage Looks
Learn how to apply eye shadow and other eye makeup properly to avoid a dated application technique and color shade.

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