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Highlight Your Blue, Green, Brown or Hazel Eyes
with the Right Eye Makeup Tones and Shades

Just like the color of clothing or hair dye, not all colors of eye shadows look great on every person. People have various skin tones and eye colors, which can affect they way certain colors of makeup look on them. While a blue eyed beauty might not look great with orange eye shadow, a brown eyed girl could thrill in the same color. Take a look at these eye makeup tips according to your eye color to get perfect eye makeup, every time you apply it!

Eye Makeup Shades For Blue Eyes

If you want to play it safe with your eye makeup, blue eyed beauties can get great results using colors of gray, violet, deep blue or taupe. In fact, if you choose a blue slightly darker than your eye’s color, it will make your eyes appear even brighter. Be sure if you use bright colors like blue or violet that you do so sparingly. Too much blue on the eyelid will only make you look like an 80s rock princess. For those who do want to punch up their eye makeup risk factor, silver, turquoise and fuchsia can be great additions to the eye area.

Eye Makeup Colors For Brown Eyes

Brown eyed girls who want to go for a classic look should stick metallic colors like bronze, copper or champagne and can also safely try browns, beige or khaki. If they want to add a little flair to their face, they can be bold and try tangerine, hot pink, lime or royal blue.

Eye Makeup For Green/Hazel Eyes

Those with mysterious green or hazel eyes can find flattering results when using a shade in colors like brown, apricot, purple, plum, khaki or pine green. These colors can brighten green or hazel eyes and are ideal for all times of the day. Those who seek a modern twist or who like to play it less than safe might want to go for colors of gold, lime or bright purple on the eyelid, however.

Eye Makeup Shades that Work on All Eye Colors

There are a few eye shadow makeup colors appropriate for any eye color. For a classic look, ladies of any eye color can try navy, charcoal, or silver. Silver can work to highlight the eye and brow areas and accentuate those who find their eyes are their best feature.

Professional Eye Makeup Tips And Beauty Ideas

Cosmetic experts are the first to say the key to a perfectly made-up face is all in how you apply the makeup products you choose. Remember these helpful tips when creating your new look!
  • Use the Right Brushes - Even if you don’t have perfect technique, if you have the right brush for each area of the face, you can get great results with makeup. Be sure to use a larger blush brush for the cheek areas and smaller brushes for the eye area. An angled brush can be great when you want to apply your contouring shadow color and a squared brush might be best for the highlighting of the upper lid/brow area.

  • Out of Eyeliner, Use Shadow - If you don’t have an eyeliner pencil handy, you can use darker eye shadow instead of traditional liner. Simply use the edge of an eye shadow applicator and create a straight line of shadow onto the top lash line. You will find it creates a less dramatic look.

  • High Cost Doesn't Mean Better Makeup - Don’t think you have to buy high priced cosmetics to get great results. Sure, you might want to splurge on a few special items from Sephora and other mall brands but mix the high priced items with lower priced items from brands like Cover Girl for the ultimate make up look.

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