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Nighttime Wedding Clothing:
Proper Attire for Any Evening Ceremony

Trying to pick something to wear to a wedding can be stressful and aggravating, especially if you’re choosing nighttime wedding clothing. While a cute floral dress with sandals or a nice pant suit might be appropriate for a day wedding, nighttime weddings are more confusing. Some brides expect their guests to wear more formal attire or cocktail attire while others expect conservative or casual outfit choices. Unless the invitation declares the dress code for the nuptials, trying to select a proper ceremony outfit can be a challenge!

Always Avoid White

While there are many things you can certainly wear to a wedding, the easiest place to begin might be what you should never wear to a day or nighttime wedding. Most importantly, never wear white to a wedding. Proper wedding etiquette states only the bride should be in white on her wedding day. Of course, if the bride arranges for her groom to wear a white tie and tuxedo there is no fashion taboo being committed. While this may be a cultural fashion rule with a rich tradition and history there’s always at least one guest who pushes the limits and shows up in white or a similar color like ivory. Take our advice and don’t be that guest!


Black Is An Easy Choice

If the invite isn’t clear about the dress code for the nighttime wedding clothing expectations, you can always play it safe with a Little Black Dress. While it may seem like a boring choice, it’s extremely easy to make a black dress work in casual or formal situations. Add formal jewelry to your dress in case the attire is formal that can easily be removed and slipped into your purse if you arrive to see others wearing much less formal attire. Pair a black dress with a pair of simple black heels and no matter what the dress code may be, you’ll look as if you fit in perfectly.

Think About The Season

When dressing for a nighttime wedding it’s also important to think about the weather. While you may long to wear your strapless black dress, if the weather is chilly you’ll need to remember to bring a wrap along. After all, chances are a nighttime wedding’s temperatures will be cooler than a day wedding. This is true for any time of year.

Pant Suits Are A Possibility

Many women don’t feel comfortable wearing skirts or dresses to any event, regardless of whether it’s a wedding or not. While most pant suits are too casual for a nighttime wedding, some wedding attire designers are finally creating beautiful pant suits suitable for wedding wear. Be sure you aren’t reaching in the closet for your favorite office pant suit, however. Look for a pant suit with sequins or beading around the top jacket to help you fit in whether the event is casual or more formal.

Nighttime wedding clothing options might not be limitless but there are many options to think about. From your Little Black Dress to a dressy pant suit, you definitely have choices to make. Think about using accessories to help you quickly dress up or dress down an outfit, even after you’ve arrived to the wedding ceremony. Of course, if you want to quickly figure out what the bride would love to see her guests wearing you can always make a quick phone call and ask her yourself!

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