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We are giving away a 90-page beauty ebook called, Beautiful You: Comprehensive Beauty Tips for the 21st Century Woman absolutely free. This beauty ebook is a compilation of the world's best beauty tips, containing advice you might find in magazines like Vogue or Cosmopolitan. We have collected time tested and the most advanced understandings of color analysis, skin care and fashion to bring you what every woman—tween, teen or mature woman—needs: sensible ways of looking beautiful.

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Beauty topics included in our 90-page ebook:
  • Why diets don't work, and what you can do about it
  • 20 things you can do to lose weight while staying healthy & sane
  • Why wearing black is actually less slimming than wearing colors
  • How you can use makeup to highlight your best features
  • Why most homemade facial masks waste your time—and food
  • Special occasion makeup application
  • The 20 items you need for a Beauty First Aid Kit
  • The top secrets of beauty queens
  • How to be beautiful at any age
  • The 20 makeup items every woman should own
  • The best ways to be—and stay—free of unwanted hair
  • Remedies for acne
  • The pros and cons of breast implants
  • Why the new mineral makeups are fantastic for your skin
  • Finding the perfect makeup colors—every time
  • How to banish undereye circles
  • Little known tips for creating perfect eyebrows
  • When "flawed" features can work in your favor
  • How to build the perfect wardrobe—without losing your shirt
  • The best ways to choose and wear jewelry
  • And much more . . . .

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