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Teen Punk Fashion:
Emo Makeup and Style Tips for Teen Girls and Boys

Emo makeup is a new trend for those intrigued by the punk fashion forward scene. It’s quite a mix between rock styles and goth. Today both boys and girls engage in emo makeup application and carry the emo style through not only with their makeup but also with their clothing, music, hair and way of thinking. Emo is truly a lifestyle. If you want to learn how to apply emo makeup, use these easy techniques to look cool and very “emo”.

Girl Emo Makeup Style Trends

  • Matte Foundation Makeup - Emo makeup style starts with a very matte look on the face. To create this look, apply powder or foundation onto the face with a sponge. Blend it in until you have the desired matte look and even coverage. Add a small amount of blush to your cheek bone areas to give yourself a little color. However, emo makeup doesn’t focus on blush so don’t overdo it. The focus instead should be on the eyes.

  • Emo Eye Shadow Shades - Move onto the eye area and apply a base color of pearl, silver or light beige all over the lid area. Next, choose your accent eye shadow color. If you want a goth emo look, choose a dark color like plum, black or navy. If you want a retro emo look, go for a neon color like pink, neon green, orange or yellow. Yellow and orange work best on brown eyed beauties while pink, green and blue can work on any eye color. Apply this accent color on your eye lid area only (not up the brow).

  • Dark Eye Liner - Next you will need eye liner. You can use either liquid or pencil eyeliner in a dark black or navy hue. Put on the first layer of eyeline, making sure the line goes on both top and bottom to the very inner and outter corner of your eye. For extra flair, you can even curve it up a little at the outer corner of your eye. Repeat the eye liner process until you get a thick line. To add more “emo” appeal, use a neon colored eyeliner to then make a line under the black line on your lower eyelash area.

  • Mascara is a Must - After the shadow and liner, you will need to apply two to three layers of mascara. Be sure to curl your eyelashes with an eyelash curler and then immediately apply the first coat. Allow it to dry only a few moments and do another coat.

  • Pale or Nude Lip Color -Unlike with goth makeup, the lips should not be heavy with color in emo makeup. Instead, use a pale gloss or nude gloss on the lips to finish your overall emo look.

Boy Emo Makeup: Yes, Makeup for the Guys is Okay!

  • Eyeliner for the Guys - Boy emo makeup is also all about the eyes. Boys can get an emo look without foundation or shadow. Instead, they can skip right to the eye liner and mascara steps. Boys can use black eyeliner to line the upper and lower lashes until they reach their desired thickness of liner.

  • Mascara without the curled lashes - Next, boys can use black mascara to finish their emo makeup look. However, it’s not recommended boys curl their eyelashes as it creates too much of a feminine look.

  • Emo Boys and Rock Stars Alike - While many parents are unsure of their son wearing makeup, the truth is the emo style of fashion very much accepts boys wearing eyeliner and mascara. In fact, most of today’s male rock stars do the same on a regular basis.

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