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Dry Skin Homemade Facials:
Top 3 Moisturizing Natural Face Treatments

If your face is chapped or red from dry skin, chances are a face mask might help restore the moisturize you lack. While you can certainly find Vitamin A or Vitamin E beauty treatment products to help you with this task, a homemade facial is the way to go for several reasons.

  1. Avocado Mask
    This gentle mask is great for wrinkled, dry or mature skin that needs to be moisturized or needs repair. Start by using ½ of a fresh avocado and mash it up into a creamy substance. Add to it ¼ cup of honey. If you’d like to exfoliate a bit too, add in ¼ cup of dry oatmeal, to act as a gentle scrub. After mixing thoroughly, apply the mixture to the facial area. Be sure not to apply it to the eye lids. Leave it on your face for 10-14 minutes and then start to rinse with cool water and a washcloth. You can also use this same mask for your hair, to increase shine and manageability.

  1. Milk Mask
    Milk masks are some of the most popular masks for the facial area and the application of them are extremely easy and pleasant. To create this mask, simply use 1 teaspoon of powdered milk, 1 tablespoon of honey, 1 teaspoon of aloe vera gel and 1 teaspoon of green tea. After applying it to your skin, allow it to sit for 10 minutes. Then take a hot wash cloth and place it over your face (allowing it to steam comfortably) for five minutes. After the cloth has cooled, wash your face with water.


  2. Brown Sugar Mask
    Nothing keep your skin healthy and sweet like a brown sugar mask! Working as a natural exfoliant, brown sugar can help get rid of dry skin cells, allowing your skin to glow after using this type of mask. To create the mask, mix 3 tablespoons of brown sugar and 2 teaspoons of olive or coconut oil. Do this by placing the brown sugar into your palm and massaging the oil into it. This will help you create a paste you can then easily massage into your skin, using a circular motion. After you have massaged for 5-10 minutes, rinse the mask off with warm water. When your face is clean, press a very warm washcloth against it for 5 minutes and finish with a thick moisturizing facial cream.


Benefits to Homemade Facials
First, when you do it yourself, you know exactly what’s going onto your skin and can be certain to use only the most natural ingredients. Some of the commercial masks use chemical bases and aren’t full of natural or organic ingredients. However, when you make your own you can be sure anything you put on your face is completely natural and safe. Also, homemade facials are a lot more inexpensive than commercial glycerin filled brands, offering the same benefits and results. When you get the same results, why not opt for the less expensive variety? Lastly, homemade masks are extremely simple to use and make. Instead of waiting to get to the store to purchase a beauty mask, you can whip one up in your kitchen whenever the mood strikes. If you want to learn how to moisturize your skin with homemade facials, use these recipe options below.

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