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9 Common Causes for Getting Dry Skin on Your Face

1. Allergic Reactions to Beauty and Household Products

As your body changes and ages, you can become allergic to things in your environment. Skin allergies (sometimes called eczema) are also very common when trying new beauty products, laundry detergents, soaps, etc. What may seem like red, flaky dry skin can be an allergic reaction to a product you just started using or one that you have been using for awhile. Pay attention to when your skin feels most irritated. Think about what products, especially new ones, might have come into contact with your skin recently. Switching to more natural and/or organic products with a simple list of ingredients may help dry skin on your.

2. Climate Changes

If you live or moved to a particularly dry climate your skin will require more moisture. Even a change in season can be a signal that your skin care routine also needs to change. For example, in winter temperatures are colder, the air contains less moisture and harsh winds can literally steal moisture from your skin when exposed to the elements. In dryer climates and weather get a thicker, more moisturizing facial lotion to counteract the drying affects of your environment.

3. Overly Harsh Cleansing and Anti-Aging Products

If you skin feels tight, dry and/or itchy after cleansing in the morning or evening, you are probably using the wrong cleanser. Try switching to a cleanser that is milky in appearance and has moisturizing properties. Many anti-aging products with retinol like ingredients can be drying as well. If you find anti-aging products to be overly drying for your skin, beef up your facial moisturizer and/or cut back on the frequency you use the anti-aging product.

4. Aging Skin Needs Requires Different Beauty Products

As we age, skin will lose some of it natural moisture. You will need to make up for that lost natural moisture by using a thicker, more moisturizing facial cream.

5. Improper Daily Cleansing

Always use gentle cleansers on your face. Plain old soap or harsh cleansers can strip the natural oils from your face causing dry skin. You also need to apply moisturizer every time after washing your face. Even if you have oily skin, you still need to moisturize. Just be sure the moisturizer you use is designed for your skin type.

6. Not Keeping Well Hydrated

Drinking water alone will usually not cure dry facial skin. However, consistently not getting enough water each day could cause dry skin. Also the effects of dehydration can also cause poor skin tone and elasticity. If you drink dehydrating caffeinated drinks you will need to counteract the effects with drinking plenty of water.

7. Sensitive Skin Needs Special Attention

Donít ignore your sensitive skin! Beauty products have many, many ingredients these days. If your face is feeling dry and tight after your daily skin care routine, switching to more natural products with simpler ingredients for sensitive skin should help.

8. Poor Health Habits

If you smoke, heavily drink, eat poorly, donít get enough sleep and/or donít get proper exercise the look and feel of your skin will suffer. How well you treat your body will show up in your skin.

9. Underlying Medical Condition

If you feel that you have tried everything under the sun to cure your facial dry skin with no success, make an appointment with your doctor or dermatologist. They will be able to look at your specific dry skin struggles to see if there may be an underlying health

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