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Beauty Products with Dead Sea Salts, Mud and Minerals Help Remedy Some Skin Conditions

Where to Dead Sea Product Come From?

The minerals from Dead Sea mud have been used throughout history for the treatment of health conditions such as arthritis, acne, psoriasis and eczema, which affect the skin and immune systems of millions of people worldwide. The Dead Sea is 1200 feet below sea level; its unique geographic position creates a climate known nowhere else in the world. Although there are more than 300 sunny days each year and the average temperature is over ninety degrees, it is possible to sunbathe in the waters for hours at a time without the need for sunscreen.
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A special atmospheric layer covers the Dead Sea, protecting bathers from harmful rays while inundating them with beneficial minerals, comforting humidity and health-promoting warmth. The humidity is around 35%, and the oxygen content so far below sea level is extra-rich, creating an ideal situation for the treatment of asthma. The lack of pollens and other allergens gives great relief to allergy sufferers, too.

What Make Dead Sea Salt and Mineral Great for Skin?

The salt content from the Dead Sea is around thirty percent—about ten times higher than that of ordinary seawater—and people who visit the area find that the high mineral content combined with a regimen of extended soaking and floating brings them renewal and relief from suffering. Because of the high density of salts in the Dead Sea, the buoyancy of the human body is increased so that visitors can float in the water with no effort at all.

There are strong concentrations of beneficial minerals in Dead Sea products, among them being 12 minerals that are simply not available in other sea-based products. Scientists believe it is these minerals, combined with the unparalleled environment of the Dead Sea region that help restore people to health. Long established as a therapeutic source, the Dead Sea region abounds in spas, treatment centers and hotels where visitors can bathe in public or private in the health-giving waters of the sea.

Since the Dead Sea is located in Israel, many people who would benefit from its healing properties cannot travel to the source; for these people, Dead Sea salt and mineral products can bridge the essential gap between illness and health. Companies that make products from Dead Sea minerals create treatment creams, wraps, mud masks and moisturizers designed to help people benefit from Dead Sea minerals in their own homes.

Skin Condition Remedies and Spa Treatments Using Dead Sea Products

Black Dead Sea mud is often used as a therapeutic body wrap at spas; facial masks are also made of this miracle substance, to care for the skin, refine the pores, and as a natural anti-aging therapy. For psoriasis treatment, application of Dead Sea mud in combination with baths using Dead Sea salts have brought significant remissions for many patients, and the minerals in Dead Sea salts have also been included in psoriasis creams. Psoriasis flare-ups are less common when patients have experienced Dead Sea treatments. Dead Sea mud has also been found to relieve arthritis pain in joints, perhaps due to the influence of the high mineral content. Soaking in a bath of Dead Sea salts can alleviate muscle soreness; for a homemade, skin softening bath, combine Dead Sea salts with a cupful of oatmeal placed in an old nylon stocking. The minerals soak into your skin and the oatmeal creates a moisture shield that smoothes and softens.

The facts about treating stretch marks include the realization that they fade over time but are rarely eradicated with creams. But moisturized skin helps minimize the appearance of stretch marks, and creams made from Dead Sea minerals help skin regain its youthful moisture. Anti-aging cream isn't just for stretch marks; use it on elbows, heels and even your face.

If you can't visit the Dead Sea, you can still find Dead Sea products designed to care for your skin, muscles, joints and overall well-being.

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