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Sea Salt Bath Products:
Beauty Benefits of Dead Sea Salt, Mud & Minerals

The Dead Sea has long been known as a health-promoting region, and there is nothing more essential to beauty than a healthy body and skin. The salt and minerals found in Dead Sea products create cosmetics and spa therapies unequalled by any other natural mineral sources. The Dead Sea contains fifteen times the magnesium found in ordinary sea water; magnesium helps the metabolism of skin cells, as well as being an anti-allergen. Other Dead Sea minerals include zinc, bromine, iodine and potassium.
Eyebrow shaping

Black Dead Sea mud enjoys a reputation of having been used by Kings and Queens of ancient times. Today, you can buy pure black Dead Sea mud by the kilo or pound to use as a mud body wrap, or in smaller packages for facial mud masks. There are also black mud soaps to remedy acne and other skin conditions.

Skin Care and the Dead Sea Mineral Mud Masks

For skin care, you can purchase mud and minerals in a mask that can unclog pores, smooth skin or act as a moisturizer in combination with essential and natural oils. There are also serums, moisturizers and acne medicines made from Dead Sea minerals. You can find exfoliating facial salts reported to kill the bacteria that cause acne. For a facial care regime, you may decide to buy a skin care set; soap, mask, toner, salts and lotion rich with Dead Sea minerals. Dead Sea shampoo and conditioner will keep your hair healthy and shiny; dandruff, seborrheic dermatitis and other scalp conditions can be alleviated with specialized Dead Sea hair care products.

Anti Aging Properties of the Natural Salts and Minerals from the Dead Sea

There are a plethora of Dead Sea face care products, many of which feature anti-aging and wrinkle-reducing ingredients. The minerals present in the Dead Sea have properties that include creating and promoting healthy cell regeneration, skin permeability and elasticity, moisture-retention and protection from allergies and infections. In addition to the rich sea salts present in Dead Sea products, you may see ingredients like Vitamins A and B, soy protein and essential oils like chamomile. Eye creams, luxurious serums, moisturizers and masks can be used to renew and keep your skin's youthful glow.

If you like home-based spa treatments, you may prefer Dead Sea salt scrubs for body care and exfoliation. Bodywraps featuring added ingredients like shea butter for softening, and bath salts and massage oils complete your home spa cabinet of luxurious skin care items. Nail care, cuticle creams and manicure and pedicure lotions treat you to an invigorating, healthful glow. From head to foot, there are Dead Sea products that pamper your hair, nails and skin.

Healthy Natural Alternative to Products with Chemicals

Dead Sea salt is enjoyed by many people as a healthy alternative to chemical-laden bath products, many of which contain added dyes, synthetic fragrances and even alcohols, which can be drying and irritating. Remember—your skin isn't just an envelope that keeps your body together—it's a permeable organ that absorbs and reacts to the things it comes in contact with! When you soak your body in Dead Sea salts, the unique and health-giving minerals of the Dead Sea wash your skin with the same minerals that bring well-being back to people who travel all the way to the region for spa therapy. You can buy Dead Sea bath salt products enriched with herbs like lemongrass and natural aromatics such as vanilla, coconut or lavender. Soybean protein additives also help strengthen, soothe and rejuvenate the skin.

Dead Sea salts are included in many cosmetics, so if you want to reap the benefits particular to Dead Sea minerals, make sure the products you purchase have those ingredients high up on the ingredient list: the closer to the top of the list, the higher the concentration of the minerals.

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