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What to Wear to a Daytime Wedding:
Appropriate Morning or Afternoon Wedding Outfits

Choosing what to wear to a daytime wedding can be quite the challenge. Most of the time when you can’t find the perfect wedding attire, you simply grab your little black dress and hit the door. But, wearing your favorite little black dress might look a little drab during the day. Daytime wedding clothing is a little more casual and most of the time it changes drastically with the seasons. Depending on where the wedding is being held and the couple, daytime wedding attire can vary from sundresses to light colored suits.
Daytime Wedding Clothing

Appropriate Outdoor Wedding Attire For A Daytime Wedding Ceremony

If you’re invited to a summer outdoor wedding, fashion etiquette states you can choose a much more casual outfit. Often women choose to wear sundresses or flowing skirts and blouse combos. In addition, in lieu of heels many female guests choose to wear dressy sandals. So you stay as cool as possible, look for lightweight dresses or outfit choices in light colors. Dresses in light weight fabrics like linen can often be ideal choices. However, wedding experts will give advice of warning telling guests to avoid wearing white to a wedding. After all, a bride is the only person who has the right to be in white!

Traditional Wedding Attire Daytime Nuptials Or Religious Ceremony

Even a formal daytime wedding calls for attire that’s a bit less proper than a conservative night time wedding. While men should likely still stick with a suit, choosing to select a light colored variety is best. Black and navy suits are almost always reserved for funerals or evening events and can look overly formal at a daytime wedding or event.

Beach Daytime Wedding Attire

Today, beach weddings are becoming more and more popular. Often brides and grooms will leave details on appropriate attire in a small note included with the wedding invitations, which is extremely helpful to guests who are curious about what they should wear. If you are unsure about what to wear, be sure to call the couple and ask them what they want their guests to wear. Some couples like their guests to dress in khaki shorts, polo shirts, sundresses or even flip flops and often many of them also dress their wedding party attendants in similar attire. However, others expect more formal wear even if guests must remove their shoes in the sand filled ceremony areas.

Overall, most brides agree that as long as their guests are comfortable they could care less what they wear to the ceremony and reception. Of course, you might not be comfortable if you show up in flip flops and the other guests are wearing designer couture. So, don’t hesitate to make a call to the bride to get the scoop on the wedding’s general dress code.

Remember These Outfit Tips:

  • Choose light colors for daytime wedding attire but never wear white!

  • Be sure to ask the wedding couple about attire if you’re unsure what they expect their guests to wear.

  • If you feel a suit is necessary, be sure to choose one in a light color or gray instead of in black or navy.

  • When looking for a summer wedding dress, look for vibrant colors and large flower prints for a chic look.

  • You can often get away with forgoing heels and wearing dressy sandals to most daytime weddings.

  • Clothes in lightweight fabrics like linen or cotton are often best for daytime wedding attire.

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