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6 Day to Evening Beauty Tips:
From the Office to the Town Makeup, Hair & Fashion

Whether you’re trying to take your look from day to evening so you can meet with friends for drinks without going home after work or you only have a few minutes at home to go from your office look to something more appropriate for a night out, there are simple tips you can use to help you get great results, quickly. Daytime evening beauty transformations can be done quickly and simply, if you know how to do them properly!

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  1. Quick Shoe Change
    One way to quickly take your look from an office look to a date dinner look is to have a spare pair of shoes on hand. While you may prefer flats for day time wear, a sexy pair of heels can take almost any outfit from plain to sexy! A pair of nude colored or black pumps can be easily stashing in your car and will work with almost any outfit you choose to wear.

  2. Sassy Day to Evening Hairstyle
    To quickly transform your hair from causal to event ready, keep a stash of bobby pins and a hair tie in your makeup bag or handbag. Without needing any type of hair styling skills, you can quickly create a sophisticated “messy bun” updo by putting your hair into a loose ponytail (of any height), twisting the end around into a bun shape and finishing by securing it with bobby pins.

  3. Makeup Tips from the Office to on the Town
    A very easy way to change your look quickly is by updating your makeup. For daytime, it’s likely your makeup is more natural looking and subdued, because you want to look professional and not overdone. However, when it comes to evening makeup, you’ll need to have a few extra products on hand. Start by applying a darker shade of lipstick than you’d likely wear during the day. Then add a thicker layer of eyeliner and fresh mascara. You can visit your local makeup counter or Sephora desk to help figure out which colors work best for day and evening.

  4. Accessories to Keep in Your Purse for an Evening Look
    Accessories can quickly help you transform your look as well. You may pair your little black dress with jade jewelry for the office, but to take it to a sexy level you can swap the casual jade jewelry for rhinestones or pearls. The greatest part about this is, jewelry takes only moments to swap out and you can even do it in your car!

  5. Quick Outfit Swap Ideas
    If you have plans ahead of time and know you’ll need to go from day to evening very quickly on a specific date, think about wearing something to the office that day that lends itself to be an easy and flexible transformation clothing option. For example, if your office is causal, wear a pair of dark jeans or skirt and a black top to work that day, with ballet flats and simple jewelry. After work, this versatile outfit can instantly change into a dressy chic outfit with simple styling by adding a pair of sexy heels, a chic belt and a flashy clutch handbag for your cosmetics.

  6. Smell Like You Just Showered
    Although clothing, shoes, hair and makeup are important for the day to evening process to work effectively, you’ll also need to think about how to stay fresh in between work and your date. Keep a mini toothbrush, toothpaste and deodorant stick in your purse to help you go quickly from day to evening, while smelling and looking freshly showered.

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