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Top 7 Makeup Color & Application Tips for Dark Skin Beauties

African Americans and dark skin beauties often have makeup and skin care issues unique to only them. Dark skin or ethnic skin cosmetics tips and information is often challenging to find. After all, dark skinned ladies require a very unique set of makeup rules to help them get the look they desire. Most of the light skinned makeup rules, just won’t apply! Use these makeup tips and techniques for dark skin beauties to help you learn how to look the best you can!

  1. Choose Foundation Color or Shade Wisely: When it comes to brown or dark skin, itís important to choose an oil-free foundation that is actually a bit lighter in tint than your skinís tone. This will allow a natural highlight to your skin and give you a nice glow.

  2. Use Powder: If your skin is dark, using powder is a must. Choose a loose powder with a sheer quality. This will help your skin look fresh, without looking oily or shiny.

  1. Always Wear Sunscreen: Many dark skin ladies donít think about wearing sunscreen every day, because they donít usually get sunburnt to remind them of the immediate need. However, itís very important not only to prevent wrinkles and sun damage to your skin, but also to prevent skin cancer. Even if you donít tan or get burnt, be sure you wear a daily sunscreen.

  2. All About The Eyes: Some women find it challenging to find eye shadow colors that will allow them to get smoky looks or that blend nicely with their complexion. However, if you use dark browns, prunes, copper or burgundies, you can easily get a dramatic look without looking over the top. Try to find a compact with several of these colors in it, so you can experiment with various shades to find the best one. Just be sure to avoid any iridescent colors on your entire eyelid. If you want a little shimmer in tone, simply use translucent powder over the lid for a slight glow.

  3. Cheeks Need Color Too: When it comes to dark skin and cheek color, itís best to try to contour with blush shades of cocoa, dark peach, cinnamon or dusty pink. Always add a little blush, then examine yourself in natural light before you go back to add more. Itís much easier to add more than lighten it if youíve gone overboard. However, if you do go overboard on accident, simply use powder or foundation to help tone down your mistake.

  4. Choosing a Flattering Lip Color: There are many different colors of lipstick that look wonderful on dark skinned ladies. If you want to play it safe, consider using shades of berry or plum. However, for a little more dramatic edge, you can easily get away with beiges, golds, soft pinks, nudes, coffee, chocolate or wines. Just be sure to stay far away from any color with orange or an orange tint in it.

  5. Donít Forget to Moisturize: Although many dark skinned ladies struggle with oily skin, moisturizing is still very important. In fact, if you donít drink enough water or moisturize properly, your skin will produce even more oil. So, use a light moisturizer that is oil-free every morning and evening after youíve cleansed your face. In addition, be sure youíre drinking 6 to 8 glasses of water every day to ensure your skin and body stays hydrated.

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