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What to Wear on a Cruise Vacation:
Packing Formal & Casual Clothing for Ship Travel

If you’re planning to vacation on your first cruise this year, chances are you’re a little overwhelmed about what types of clothing you should bring along on the ship. While many cruises will give you a weekly schedule of events and allude to what types of clothing you should wear to each one, others give very little guidance on the most appropriate cruise clothing to bring. Use these tips to help you figure out what the most appropriate attire is for your upcoming cruise adventure.

Cruise Clothing You Should Not Leave Home Without

Instead of packing a variety of clothes and figuring out what you’ll wear along the way, it’s important for you to be intentional with your packing for a cruise. Many cruise lines will only allow you a small amount of luggage, so make each piece count!

Bathing Suit

Even if you typically don’t like to swim and would rather be shot than wear a bathing suit or sun tan in public, be sure you bring a swim suit with you on the cruise. After all, most cruises travel through tropical weather areas and if you want to stay cool, chances are you’ll be more than tempted to take at least a small dip in the pool. Keep in mind, you’ll likely never see your ship mates ever again, so dare to wear your swim suit with pride!

Formal Dress

Most cruises have at least one night throughout your stay where there will be a formal dinner event. Check with your cruise travel agent before you go, to see if you might have a need for a formal dress. Packing your favorite Little Black Dress is always a great idea, because most Little Black Dresses can be dressed up or down, as needed. If you get to the cruise and realize they have a casual formal dinner event, you can pair your dress with sandals and simple jewelry. However, if you get on the boat and realize you need a fancy dress, you can slip on your heels and spice it up with rhinestone accessories!

Excursion Outfit Options

If you plan on taking any excursions off the boat, you’ll need to ensure you know what to wear. Most excursions will require you to walk quite a bit, seeing a resort, a landmark or other location. So, be sure you pack some comfortable shoes you can walk easily in. You may also want to be sure you pack a few pairs of lightweight capris or pants for these outings, as they can be deep within the tropical natures of primitive countries and you might need the extra clothing protection from insects or bushes.

Designer Accessories Aren’t Required

While you probably want to bring along a few accessories to coordinate with your cruise attire, it’s not incredibly safe to travel on a cruise with a large amount of designer accessories or jewelry pieces. Limit yourself to some you could live without, if they were to accidentally get lost on the boat. Be sure what you bring isn’t incredibly expensive or sentimental, just in case you do misplace something.

Sweater Or Cardigan

Many cruise travelers think since they’re traveling in tropical areas, the weather will always been very hot. But, during the nights on your cruise, you’ll likely need a light sweater to stay comfortable. So, don’t forget to pack at least one!

Now that you know what you should not leave home without, start packing and enjoy yourself upon the ocean wide!

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