Women's Style & Fashion Tips:
Dress Your Body Type with the Right Clothing Shapes

Discover how to have more fashion style by learning about the latest women's clothing trends. Get tips on the right shapes of clothing with you unique body type. Whether you are a plus size, petite, or tall woman there are stylish clothes and accessories for you. We have information from on designer wedding dresses, picking the right fashion jewelry, and bathing suit style advice.

Clothing Staples

Bathing Suit Styles that Flatter Your Body Type
Get tips on choosing a bathing suit option that best flatter your natural body shape.

Shapewear: Best Way to Make Your Body Look Slim
Get advice about shapewear to make your body look slim; find flattering tips about intimate apparel for figure control under clothes.

Pants Shapes That Flatter: Find the Best Cut and Style
Get tips for wearing pants shapes, cuts, styles, fabrics, materials, and lengths that flatter women's bodies.

Flattering Skirts Shapes, Cuts and Styles That Flatter a Woman’s Figure Perfectly
Find the best skirt shapes, cuts, styles, fabrics, and styles to flatter any body types.

Little Black Dress: Perfect Accessories for Any Casual Event or Special Occasion
Make your sexy little black dress perfect for any party or special event; use the right accessories like handbags, jewelry, and high heels for every occasion.

Shirts & Skirts for the Office or Night on the Town
Two Classic Clothing Items that can range from Fun to Fabulous.

Simple Steps to Making Custom-Fit Alterations to Your Clothing
Learn how to tailor and make easy alterations to your store bought clothing and create the perfect dress for your body.

Body Types: Dressing Your Figure

How to Slim and Accentuate Your Waist with Clothing
Discover how to best accentuate your waist; learn about fashion tips, outfits, accessories, tops and belts that will flatter your bust, torso and hips.

Doís and Doníts of Plus Size Fashion
Find tips for plus size fashion styles; learn about layers and patterns and what to accentuate, avoid and disguise for large ladies.

Tall Fashions & Long Legs: Doís and Doníts
Learn what clothing styles and fashions best flatter a tall body type with longer legs.

The Doís and Doníts of Petite Fashion
Find out about petite fashion for women; learn about skirts, blouses, jackets and coats for flattering small size and short height; discover what to wear and avoid.

Hourglass Figures: Flattering, Fashionable Ways to Dress Your Body Type
Find out how to dress your hourglass figure; learn style tips to disguise or camouflage hips and bust with clothing while flattering waist.

Apple Shape Body? Tips to Hide Tummy Bulge
Find out how to dress to hide tummy bulge; get tips about flattering fashion to disguise a large waist or stomach and camouflage a mature figure.

Maximize a Small Bust: Clothing and Fashion Tips
Discover ways to maximize a small bust; learn tips for how to accentuate chest and make it appear larger, using clothes, padded or pushup bra, or accessories.

Find Flattering Fashion for a Pear Shaped Body
Get tips to disguise a pear shaped body and camouflage large hips, butt, legs or thighs; learn how to accentuate a smaller waist with stylish fashion clothing.

Flatter Your Buxom Bust Line: Dress to Minimize a Large Chest
Get tips about clothing styles and cuts that flatter or minimize a larger chest. Find out how to get support without revealing excessive bust cleavage.

Flattering Fashion Tips for Plus Sizes
Enjoy the newest range of Plus Size fashion.

Dressing a Petite Figure with Flattering Clothing Styles
If you have a petite frame from learn from these fashion tips to get a longer leaner look without 5 inch high heeled shoes!

Style Tips for Tall Women: Dressing for Your Height
Get comfortable with you tall figure because there is no way to be shorter. Learn to dress and style yourself to flatter your tall figure with confidence.

Office Wear: Appropriate Fashion Tips for Work

What to Wear on a Job Interview
Learn what outfit to wear for a job interview; get tips on proper conservative or professional dress code style, grooming, and accessories.

Business Professional Dress Code: How to Dress For Work
Get fashion tips on work appropriate clothing for a business professional office environment.

Business Casual Dress Code: Dressing Sharp for the Office
Casual doesn't mean sloppy. Learn how to dress well in the office environment.

Special & Specific Occasions: How to Dress

6 Easy Dressing & Styling Tips for Day to Evening Looks
Learn about easy beauty tips for hair, makeup, clothing and accessories that easily go from the office to a night on the town.

What to Wear for a Family Portrait:
How to Coordinate Outfits for Group Photographs

Find out how to coordinate family portrait outfits for parents and children; get ideas about colors, shades, patterns and what to avoid when dressing for a photograph.

First Date Tips: What to Wear & How to Act
Make a great impression on a first date by picking the right outfit and starting a great conversation.

Cruise Clothing: What to Wear & Pack for the Big Boat
Learn about cruise clothing and what to wear while on the ship; get ideas for formal dinner, comfortable clothes for excursions, bathing suit outfits and accessories.

Appropriate Funeral Clothing: What to Wear to a Ceremony, Wake, Memorial or Burial Service
Get advice for choosing proper funeral clothing; learn how to select an appropriate outfit and what to wear for ceremony or memorial service.

Popular and Unique Ideas for Halloween Costumes
Get ideas for Halloween costumes for women, like Cyndi Lauper, Renaissance, Mardi Gras, Grease, Moulin Rouge, Lara Croft or Princess Leia; learn what is popular and unique for couples or a party.

Classic, Yet Sexy, Costumes for Parties and Halloween
Discover our top list of classic, sexy costumes that are perfect for any dress up party occasion.

Finding a Special Occasion Dress or Formal Gown for Prom
Find the perfect prom dress to dance the night away while feeling confident and sexy!

Fashion Styles

Winter Coat Shapes: Find a Style to Flatter Your Body Type
Find out about different shapes and styles of winter coats and jackets; learn how to pick one that will flatter your body type, whether large or small.

French Fashion Tips: Clothing Basics Inspired by Paris Runways
Get French Fashion tips and outfit ideas; follow the latest Paris-inspired runway trends for chic accessories, clothing and handbags.

French Fashion Styling: Basic Principals Behind Dressing Like Parisians Do
What you think of as French may not be authentic. Read why.

Men's Beauty, Grooming & Fashion Tips: Help Your Man Clean Up
Help your husband to dress, groom and look his best without hurting his feelings. Get tips on how to talk to him about his style "don'ts".

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