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For Brides (or Bridesmaids) to Be:
Bridal Party Dresses that Work for Many Body Types

While most people think choosing the bridal gown is the most difficult decision a bride makes, others will argue choosing bridesmaid dresses can be the largest pre-wedding challenge. If you’re getting ready to pick your bridesmaid dresses, use these five tips to help you accomplish the task successfully!

Choose the Bridesmaid Dress Colors First

Most often the first thing a bride must do is decide what color her bridesmaids will wear. Not all bridesmaids will look good in all colors, so keep that in mind. Unless all of your bridesmaids have the same hair color and skin tone, you need to stick with colors which look great on everyone. Some safe options include silver, black and red. It’s a great idea to have your bridesmaids tell you what colors they don’t look great in and start from there.

Look at the Dress Lengths Available

One of the most important things to consider when trying to find flattering bridesmaid dresses is length. While shorter bridesmaid dresses are certainly in style, they aren’t flattering on all figures. If you have full figured bridesmaids in your wedding party, chances are they’ll be most comfortable in a skirt length of mid calf or longer. Of course, floor length gowns can make short attendants look even shorter, so keep this in mind as well.

Allow For Variety to Account for Differnt Body Types

Many brides only allow their Maid of Honor or Flower Girl to wear something different from their other attendants. However, modern brides are choosing to be a little different and are allowing their attendants to choose dresses of various styles and cuts. The differing dresses must not match each other, but they should complement one another. Dress makers are jumping on this trend and often make collections of different dresses meant to be worn at the same time, making it easy for brides to give choices to their attendants without ruining their wedding’s style or having dresses which contrast too much. Allow each attendant to select their own dress, to reflect their personal style.

If You Choose One Dress Style, Think About Bridemaid's Body Types
If you prefer your bridesmaids to all wear the exact same dress, you must think ahead about body types. Not only will your bridesmaids be uncomfortable if you choose dresses that aren’t flattering for them, but they’ll look miserable in your wedding photos as well. Whether you’re going formal or casual for wedding attire, think about the women you love and have asked to be a part of your big day. Do most of your bridesmaids keep their everyday apparel modest? Are you in need of maternity dresses or junior sizes? Instead of needing custom made dresses, search for a dress maker who already offers these options. Ask your attendants if there are things they prefer in a dress. Perhaps some don’t feel comfortable showing their arms or others need more coverage in the bust area. Take these things into consideration when choosing your bridesmaid dresses.

Don’t Forget that Alteration Costs Can Really Add Up

While it’s reasonable to expect your attendants to spend a moderate amount of cash on alternation costs for their bridesmaid dresses, keep in mind it’s not polite to expect them to completely renovate a dress. For example, paying for a dress to be hemmed is normal. Asking them to pay for a dress to be taken down two sizes because the dress only comes in larger sizes is not acceptable. Be sure when you’re choosing dresses they come in size ranges enough for all of your attendants to be able to find one in their size for your nuptials.

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