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5 Easy Tips for Choosing the Right Salon Hairstylist

Choosing the best hair style to suit your face shape and lifestyle is extremely important to most women, but choosing the right hairstylist is even more vital if you want hair you absolutely love. Sure, a bad hair cut will grow out and a bad color job can often be fixed with corrective coloring. However, if you’re the type of person who can’t stand having even one bad hair day, finding a great hairstylist is likely going to be a main priority of yours.

Use these five beauty tips to help you learn how to choose the right hair stylist for you!

  1. Ask Your Friends
    If you have friends with amazing hair, ask for a personal reference and find out who they use. Many times, if your friend gives you a referral, the stylist will offer you or your friend a discount on a service in the future. So, not only do you get to find a great hairstylist in the process but you or your friend could save a little money along the way, too! However, keep in mind that just because they love their hair stylist doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll love the stylist too.

  2. Price Compare in Your Area
    One major aspect in finding a great hairstylist is finding someone to fit within your price range. While one salon might employ stylists who get around $25 per hair cut, another might only employ stylists who ask for around $60 per hair cut. Sometimes the higher prices are due to the stylists having more training and sometimes it’s for no good reason at all. So, be sure before you select a hair stylist that you call the local salon of your choice and inquire about pricing.

  3. Is More Experience Better?
    When searching for a hair stylist or a barber, most often finding one with more experience is best. A stylist with experience might know exactly what Trade Secret or Regis hair products work best with curly hair and may be able to easily fix any color disaster. This being said, if you want the trendiest and latest hair cut on the scene, you likely won’t want to pick an elderly stylist, regardless of her experience level.  If you want to try out someone newer to hairstyling ask for references of some of her current clients to get a better idea of their hair cutting and styling skills.

  4. Can The Stylist Cater To Your Hair Type?
    A stylist will never be a good match for you if he or she can’t cater to your hair type. For example, if you are African American, you’ll need to seek out a stylist who knows how to style and cut your specific type of hair. Ladies with curly hair are likely in need of a stylist who can specifically meet their hair needs, as well.

  5. What Services Are Offered?
    Lastly, when you are looking from listing to listing, trying to find a hair stylist to meet your needs, be sure you’re satisfied with what services they offer. Most stylists can do various cuts and color processes, but if you’re interested in something like extensions, you might need to inquire about each stylist’s abilities.

So, when you’re searching for the right hair stylist, be sure you ask your friends who they use, ensure they are within your budget, choose someone with experience, figure out if they can cater to your specific hair type and find out if they offer the services you need.

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