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Beauty Tip for Moms:
Look & Feel More Beautiful When Taking Time for You

When you spend your life running after a toddler or shepherding bigger kids around town, you may be feeling less like a happy mother and more like a disenfranchised maid. When you’re thinking of running off the Mexico instead of picking Jimmy up from soccer, it may be time to take a break from being Super Mommy and just be yourself.

Teach Children to Help at a Young Age

You don’t have to send the kids to boarding school to get a little me-time. In fact, you can put the little dickens to work. Children as small as four years old can be taught to brush your hair (although they probably can’t learn to brush their own just yet). You can share a face mask with your kids, letting them rub it on your face. You can rub a little on theirs too, and then everybody can wash it off together.

Make Time for Yourself

Having time to yourself is an important part of life, and mom’s need time too. If your children are still at the napping age, invite a girlfriend over at nap-time and do each other’s nails or hair, just like you did when you were a teenager. Trade babysitting with another mom and take yourself out for a movie, or hire a sitter to take your kids to a movie while you shop or stay home to read.

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Have a Home Spa with Common Grocery Store Items

Natural cosmeticsYou don't have to spend lots of money to feel like a princess, even if you spent the morning chasing kids to the school bus and then getting yourself ready for work. Shopping's hard work for people on the go, and you may forget the necessary luxuries in the rush of trying to get home to make dinner. What happened to your favorite bubble bath, a tin of caviar and a bottle of champagne? Who says you can't lounge on pillows and eat grapes? (Out of grapes? Put them on the list).

Things in the grocery store can turn your house into a veritable spa. Natural cosmetics and beauty treatments abound in the dairy and grain aisles. If you want to start living a more splendid life but don't want to spend your quality time and cold, hard cash in expensive salons, get the advice you need on finding fabulous things right where you buy your butter and eggs.

Learn to shop for beauty groceries and treat yourself to a home spa.


Daddy Can Help Mommy More Too!

An understanding dad takes his kids out once in awhile without Mom. If you know an understanding dad, help him plan a weekly or semi-weekly play date where he can spend time with the kids and you can do your own thing. Can’t remember what your “own thing” is? Don’t worry; you’ll fret for a couple of weeks, and then find something that catches your imagination. I have a friend who finally got some time to herself and didn’t know what to do with it, after spending three years with her boy. She felt so guilty, she almost considered taking a full-time job instead of the part-time one where she currently spend 30 hours a week, plus a long commute. But she gave it some thought, and returned to a long-time interest: art.

Have Your Own Hobbies

Having your own interests makes you more fun to be with. It reduces wrinkles, gives you something to talk about with people who aren’t necessarily moms, and shows your kids that being a mom isn’t all work and no play. A well-rounded, satisfied mom (or dad) tends to be in a better position to raise well-rounded, satisfied children. Spending every moment with your child does more than cheat you of time spent on your own; it deprives your child of the same opportunity. Kids need time to draw quietly, to daydream and tell themselves little stories. Just like moms do.

But you’re still a busy person, and quick beauty means you’re saving time for more important things. So use the following time-saving tips to make the most of your time.

Time Saving Beauty and Health Tips for Moms

  • Use a moisturizer-sunscreen combination. That way, if you decide on the spur of the moment to take the kids to the park, your face is ready to go. Slick the kids down with sunscreen, and off you go.

  • Use lipstick with a sunscreen to protect lips too. Professional makeup people prefer brushes for perfect lips, but lipstick is faster and can be smudged with your finger.

  • If you can find a shampoo-conditioner that works, go ahead and use it. I haven’t found one that works as a detangler, so it saves me time to use separate products. My hair brushes a lot easier and faster when I use conditioner.

  • Keep Kleenex and towelettes in the car and in your purse for quick ice-cream clean-ups.

  • Keep meal bars in your purse to snack on between trips to the store, the school, the tennis court, the ballet lessons etc. etc. A hungry mom is a cranky mom!

  • Buy salad mix instead of spending your time washing and drying lettuce or spinach. In packages or bulk mixes, it’s already washed, and baby greens are cleaner than mature ones.

  • Teach your kids that unpeeled veggies are the way they should be eaten. Peels have nutrients and fiber that should be eaten. Even mashed potatoes are better if you leave the peelings on. Just give your veggies a scrub in the sink and they’re all set.

  • One-pot meals save time on preparation and washing-up too.

  • Do little chores during TV commercials. Dust a table, put dishes away and get back on the couch. Use commercials for getting kids into their pajamas, brushing teeth or making tomorrow’s lunches.

  • Start teaching your kids chores as soon as they start walk. Even little kids can smooth their beds, put toys back in the chest or help set the table. If your children learn early that everyone has chores to do, there will be fewer struggles later on.

  • Take turns with your partner to be the one who does more work around the house. Bring each other coffee, and alternate making dinner. If there are chores you each prefer to do, make them part of a daily routine and trade off on the rest. Help each other out with chores to increase household harmony, to teach the kids how pleasant it can be to help each other.

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