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Stop Foot Pain from Bunions:
Causes, How to Cure and Prevention of Toe & Foot Pain

A bunion is not only something many people are embarrassed they have but also a medical condition which can cause a great deal of pain. Medically known as Hallux abducto vagus, a bunion requires care if you don’t want them to get worse. More women than men are plagued with this unsightly condition and most often the condition runs in families. It can be extremely painful to deal with bunions, as extra bone and a sac full of fluid starts to grow at the base of the big toe. However, if you learn how to care for your feet, buy proper shoe sizes and tips on how to treat emerging bunions, you might not have to suffer with bunions ever again!

Causes Of Bunions

While the cause of a bunion can vary from patient to patient, those with abnormal feet bones are more likely to get one at some point in their life. In addition, while narrow-toed, high-heel shoes are quite fashionable these days, they can lead to the emergence of a bunion. Some people are simply more likely to get bunions, which is why they must be extra careful when buying shoes.

Symptoms Of Bunions

The first symptom of a bunion is a red, calloused portion of skin on the inside edge of the big toe. There may be a bony bump there or pain over the joint. Sometimes pressure from shoes can cause addition pain there, too. Often, you’ll see the big toe turning toward the other toes at the metatarsophalangeal joint (MTP) point. You may need to see a doctor for a proper diagnosis and to be sure you’re not dealing with another condition, like arthritis.

Treatment Of Bunions

There is not just one cure or remedy for bunions. If you start to notice a bunion appearing, you can get instant relief by wearing wider-toed shoes. Many times, this will solve the problem and no additional treatment will be needed. Sometimes you can buy foot pads to protect the bunion from your shoes or spacers that put a gap in between the first and second toes while you’re sleeping at night.

When bunions are extremely painful or a sever deformity is occurring, surgery might be needed. A bunion removal operation can be done to cure the bunion pain, but it does require recovery time many people can’t afford to comply with.

Preventing Bunions

The easiest way to prevent bunions and a foot injury is to wear comfortable shoes with wide toe areas. Wearing high heels can put a great deal of pressure on the MTP areas and cause corns, so they should also be avoided. Another way to prevent bunions is to wear shoes that actually fit. You might need to use orthotics to help, as well. Other basic ways to prevent bunions is by giving your feet a break from shoes whenever you can. You’re feet will love you for it!

All in all, knowing the signs of a bunion is one of the most important things you can do if you want to prevent bunion pain. Immediately after noticing the signs of an emerging bunion, take action so it won’t get worse. Remember, while pointy-toed high heels might be fashionable, your health is much more important. So, choose your shoes wisely, with your overall foot health in mind and do your best to prevent future bunions!

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