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6 Tips on How to Select the
Best Blow Dryer for Your Hair

You may not think choosing a blow dryer should be a six step process, however if you want your hair to remain undamaged and beautiful, using the right blow dryer is more important than you might initially think! Use these steps to help you choose a great blow dryer you can use without worry.

  1. Blow Dryer Wattage:
  2. Have you ever used a hair dryer that barely blows? It’s the most annoying experience ever, especially if you’re late for work already and just want to get your hair dry! Unless you like being annoyed by a weak hair dryer, be sure to check out wattage when buying a new hair drying appliance. The higher the wattage, the more powerful the heat and air flow should be. A dryer of at least 1750 watts should suffice, however if you have thicker hair you may want to go for even higher wattage levels.

  3. Hair Dryer Attachments:
  4. Buying a blow dryer with attachments might be unnecessary if you have normal and straight hair. However, if you have curly hair you will need to be sure to buy a blow dryer product with a diffuser attachment for frizz reduction.

  5. Materials:
  6. Various blow dryers are made with different technologies and materials. You can choose from ionic types, ceramic or tourmaline technologies. If you want to get smooth and straight hair, you may want to try a ceramic heating blow dryer. However, many salon experts will admit the technologies may have less to do with the result as you may think. In fact, many hair experts feel the products (gels, creams, shampoos, conditioners) you use and the brush and technique used when drying have a much larger effect on the result.

  7. Flexibility with Heat and Speed:
  8. It’s important to choose a blow dryer with various heat and speed options. You can use the high heat or air settings to dry your hair when it’s very wet but you might be able to better use the low settings when you just want to set your style without damaging your hair in the process. In addition, if your hair is long or thin, you will want to take the extra time to use low settings for drying to avoid hair damage.

  9. Travel Ready Hair Dryer:
  10. If you are on the road a lot, choosing a blow dryer which is easy to travel with might be a priority. Travel size blow dryers should have all of the above options, including high wattage capabilities. Be sure to check the wattage of the dryer, however. Some travel size hair dryers don’t put off enough heat and air and will leave you with the fact you’ll need an extra half hour to get your hair dry when using them. You can even get travel blow dryers with retractable cords, brush attachment and other hair drying tools included.

  11. Price:
  12. Even the best brands, such as Conair and Sedu, have blow dryers at affordable process. When it comes to beauty care, you may feel as if you usually pay too much for a product you need. However, a blow dryer should last for years so any investment you make by purchasing one will be a long-lasting venture. You can buy inexpensive blow dryers for as little as $15, but the better hair dryers often cost from $20-$100 each, depending on the technology they use, attachments they include and the range of settings they offer.

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