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Hairstyles to Help Cover and Disguise Larger Ears

Most of the time, ladies are in search of a hair style that will flatter their face shape, however many ladies also have a longing to find a hair style that will hide specific flaws. One of the most common things women want to use their hair to camouflage is a pair of large ears.

When you find a great hair cut or style that can not only flatter your face shape, but also disguise any imperfections you may have, youíll feel more confident and beautiful! While you may feel like youíre the only lady struggling with larger than normal lobes, you should know many celebrities like Kate Hudson and Jennifer Garner also struggle with trying to learn how to cover their ears with creative hair styles.

Hairstyle Tips for Covering Big Ears According To Hair Type & Length

  • Fine Hair

    Those ladies who have both large ears and fine hair should focus on trying to create volume with their hairstyle. By choosing a hair style with a lot of volume, you can conceal your ears better and bring focus away from your flaw. Flat hair will only make your ears stand out more. You can get more volume by getting layers or by using products like mousse and Paul Mitchell or Bed Head serums to boost volume. However, getting layers is the most natural way to get instant volume.

    Another way you can add volume to your hair is by using a blow drying technique on your tresses. Dry your hair with a blow dryer, until itís only slightly damp. Then wrap large sections of your hair around large Velcro rollers. Finish drying your hair while they are secured in the rollers in your head, with the blow dryer. After the hair is dry, spritz the rollers with a little hair spray, use the blow dryer to give them a quick boost of warm air on a low setting, and then remove.

  • Straight Hair If you need a formal hair style but donít want to go with an updo because youíre afraid of the definition it will give to your ears, think about going curly. Curly hair can help reduce the visual size of your ears. You can wear your hair down, but still look classy and elegant.

  • Short Hair

    Itís not impossible to keep your hair short and still conceal larger ears. Just be sure you keep the sides of your hair long enough so it can be cupped over your ears. Maintain a short haircut that allows you to have volume on the sides, so you can poof your hair out on the sides enough that it hides your ears in a very fashionable way.

  • Long Hair

    There are many things you can do with long hair to conceal larger ears. Most notably, you can choose to wear your hair down and straight, right over your ears. However, even then some peopleís ears will poke through their hair. To avoid this, you can choose to wear your hair wavy or curled, whenever you wear it down. If you do choose to sport a pony tail, just be sure you pull it loosely back, so your ears can stay under your hair on the sides.

    All in all, having larger ears should not keep you from trying new hairstyles or new hair cuts. Just remember to keep a lot of volume in your hair and youíll be able to successfully conceal larger ears.

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