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Best 10 Beauty Pageant Queen Tips that Every Woman Can Use

While genetics certainly do play a large part in looking like a beauty queen, there are many tips and tricks pageant queens use to transform themselves into completely stunning divas. By learning how to use these beauty tips to your advantage, you too can look like a beauty queen!

1. Increasing Hair Volume:

Almost every beauty queen would agree your hair is the secret to looking more feminine and graceful. When itís in great health, long hair is preferred in pageants. However, whether your hair is long or short, you can make it look pageant-ready by adding more volume to your do. To get added volume, try spraying a little dry shampoo into your roots and use large hot rollers before you style your hair. Both of these tricks will help you gain more volume. However, if you still donít get the volume you crave, purchase a few hair extensions at your local beauty store to help you instantly get the height you desire.

2. Dress To Flatter Your Body Type:

All women should know how to dress their specific body, to make it look the best it possibly can. Believe it or not, beauty queens have body flaws too. However, they are very rarely seen in pageants because beauty queens know how to hide their flaws with smart dressing. For instance, if you have great shoulders, try something strapless, to show them off. If you have long legs, donít be afraid to show them off!

3. Whiten Your Teeth:

One of the easiest ways to always look your best, is to ensure your smile is always bright and white. Forget about spending loads of cash on whitening techniques or products. Instead, opt for whitening toothpaste or simple whitening strips from your local drugstore to get the same effect. Not only should you whiten your teeth, however, but you should show the world your smile on an extremely frequent basis. Everyone looks more beautiful with a smile on their face!

4. Discover Your Ideal Makeup:

Most beauty queens do their own makeup for pageants, which is why they suggest you discover what your ideal makeup might be. Itís important to know what looks best on you and practice applying cosmetics on a regular basis, so you can get better and better. When experimenting, figure out what look might work best if youíre going for a natural everyday style and also what look might work best for a glamour date, out on the town. Whether you use Cover Girl or seek advice from your Sephora counter girl, be sure to practice, practice, practice!

5. Fake It:

Millions of women are turning to plastic surgery to enhance their breast size. While this is often a choice beauty queens make, you can get breast enhancement in a natural way with exterior silicone filets. Also called chicken filets, these faux breasts will give you a lift where you need it most. They are also quite unnoticeable, even fitting under small bikinis with no problem.

6. Preparation H to Reduce Puffiness:

One of the oldest skin care tricks in the book is to use Preparation H for puffy eyes. Beauty queens often donít get enough sleep during pageants, as the demands and schedule is grueling. Thus, they often dab a tiny bit of Preparation H under the eye area to make them look less puffy after a long night.

7. Eat Bananas:

Another way to naturally reduce the appearance of puffy skin and to counteract excess salt you may have consumed is to eat bananas. Bananas are full of potassium, which is excellent for getting extra fluid out of your body.

8. Keep Your Hands Pretty:

Beauty queens never leave the house with ratty nails, which is why they often suggest getting long lasting faux nails or tips applied. In fact, most will get a new set applied right before the pageant, so they always look top notch!

9. Get Your Glow (a Faux One!):

Many beauty experts agree, a tan is the best accessory you could possibly have. However, spending time in the harmful rays of the sun can be a terrible idea. Instead, choose to get a sun kissed look by using self-tanners or spray tanning booths.

10. Heels Make You Sexy:

Whether youíre sporting jeans or an evening gown, beauty queens are rarely seen without their high heels. Heels not only make you look more polished, but they can make your legs look longer and leaner.

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