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Top 10 Funniest Beauty Myths & Old Wivesí Tales

There's not a woman on the planet who hasn't experienced what it's like to wake up late, knowing she only has a few minutes to make herself look great before walking out of the door. Learning how to apply a quick beauty fix or two is an important lesson all women should know!
  1. MYTH: Chocolate and French fries cause acne. While they arenít necessarily good for you, neither chocolate nor French fries cause acne. Acne can be caused by hormonal, genetic, dietary or hygienic factors. However, there has never been a sole food linked to the cause of acne.

  2. MYTH: Horse shampoo helps your hair grow faster. There are many interesting hair products on the market today. But, one of the most interesting is horse shampoo marketed for those humans who want their hair to grow quickly. Horse shampoo can help you strengthen the hair you already have, but your hair and nails are dead cells and nothing will bring them back to life or help them on the surface. And just in case youíre wondering, choosing to shave your hair wonít make it grow back any faster either!

  3. MYTH: You can get rid of cellulite. Sadly, many of us spend hundreds of dollars each year on products that promise to help cure us of cellulite. However, there is no real cure for cellulite. Sure, working out can help you with the appearance of it but even very slim supermodels suffer with cellulite.

  4. MYTH: If you pluck a grey hair will cause 10 to grow back. Another way to instantly improve the appearance of tired skin is to splash a little cold water on your face upon waking. This will not only wake your skin up, but will also wake you up.

  5. MYTH: A cucumber can reduce eye puffiness. This myth started long ago and has maintained its dignity because there is a small amount of truth to it, usually. Cucumbers themselves donít help with eye puffiness. Itís the fact that they are cool from the refrigerator when you use them that helps. The coolness of the vegetable can ease eye puffiness, but the same could be accomplished by using any other cool food or item.

  6. MYTH: Soap is bad for your face and skin. If everyone believed this myth, we might not able to stand sitting next to one another. When soap was made with animal fat, it wasnít fantastic for your face. But, todayís soaps are fine for your face and itís highly recommended one use soap when showering!

  7. MYTH: Vaseline can cure wrinkles. Sure, Vaseline can certainly help soften the face of women and make wrinkles appear temporarily lessened. However, it does not in any way cure wrinkles. In fact, to get consistent results, youíd have to walk around every day, all day with a greased up face!

  8. MYTH: Trimming your eyelashes will make them grow longer. Not only is trimming your eyelashes extremely dangerous (as you could injure your eyes in the process), but it will not make your lashes grow longer. In fact, it could lead to you looking ridiculous with extremely short eyelashes or suffer with eyelash loss altogether.

  9. MYTH: Chlorine turns your hair green. It is not the chlorine in any pool that will turn your hair green. An abundance of copper in a pool can make a blonde have a green hue to her hair, but the chlorine is not to blame.

  10. MYTH: Crossing your legs will give you spider veins. Most women experience spider veins not because they sit in a lady-like posture, but because their genes have made them more susceptible to this annoying issue. Sitting like a lady will in no way cause you to have spider veins.

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