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Picking the Right Jewelry Acessories:
Tips on How Many to Wear & Classic Styles

People have been wearing jewelry since the beginning of time. In some places, beauty as a bone through the nose, in others, golden necklaces studded with beetles’ wings and lapis lazuli were just the thing. These days, we wear jewels all over the place, on our toes, in our noses, and (one of my personal favorites), in the naval. The great thing about jewelry is there’s so much of it, in every color, price and style available.

Gemstoned Jewelry Doesn't Have to Be Expensive

So, how do you choose the perfect gem stones to set off your personal beauty? What if you're not in the market for costly diamonds, but are seeking a little glamour in pale green, deep purple or clear, bright blue? Start your adventure in gemstones by looking at, where you will discover exotic and affordable gems you never dreamed existed. Do you know the plummy red of rhodolite? The liquid fire of a Mexican jelly opal? Here's where you learn that you don't have to spend hundred of dollars for jade, pearls, garnets and zircons, to name but a few of the hundred of stones available at this amazing site.

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Never Be Overwhelmed or Frustrated with Jewelry Shopping Again

Choosing JewelryMost women have had at least a few frustrating shopping experiences while trying to find the perfect jewelry to match a special outfit. Sometimes the jewelry store's zillion choices can be so overwhelming you don't know where to start. Or you had a budget in mind, but clearly the jewelry sales person didn't understand your idea of a "budget". In either case, there is now a much easier way to shop for jewelry and accessories. One online resource in particular lets you search by price, color, gemstone, jewelry style and several other jewelry descriptives. Showing you only the jewelry choices that fit your particular criteria and get the perfect jewelry item to compliment any outfit.

This time skip the nosey jewelry sales person and try searching for your favorite jewelry style using specific criteria. Never buy a piece of jewelry that isn't absolutely perfect again.


Accessorizing with Jewelry Tips and Pointers

  • What does it accessorize? A plain dress? A busy patterned top?
    Usually jewelry has a purpose. It can be playful and casual, or elegant and very expensive. When I buy jewelry, I think about what I would be wearing with it before making my choice. If I’m wearing jeans and want something to go with my new bathing suit because I’m going on vacation, I’ll look for something in the line of a choker, maybe with a carved stone or something in leather and silver. Sterling silver most people can wear even if they have a nickel allergy affects about 15% of the population. Nickel is found in most golds and cheap metal jewelry. (Beware of hemp-rope jewelry if you’re planning to wear it swimming. I bought a great choker, but when the water hit it, the hemp fibers shrank up and it became a much-too-real choker. I practically had to get cut out of it.)

  • What’s the occasion you will be wear the jewelry? Fancy? Casual?
    Occasion-specific jewelry should be tried on with the outfit before you make a commitment. Dresses with sweetheart necklines can do terrible things to the wrong necklace (if you don’t believe me, look at Susan Lucci in the old episodes of Dallas. Big, shiny, dangling diamonds, a wide expanse of cleavage-lined Hollywood skin and shoulder pads out to here. Horrible). Now that I think of it, there’s only one occasion to wear a sweetheart neckline, and that’s if you’re in a wedding dress and the neckline fits your bust perfectly. The danger in the sweetheart is that if you have big breasts, they can look unwieldy and even floppy; small breasts just rattle around in there.

    Where was I? Right, for big-deal dressing up, either wear the dress to the store, or keep your receipt until you know the dress and the necklace, bracelet or earrings match it. If your top has beading or embroidery, necklaces and earrings should be kept simple –no gemstones, just gold, silver or platinum. A rule of thumb; the simpler the dress, the fancier >the jewelry can be. So if your heart is set on the three-tiered, sapphire and platinum job, find a plain black or white frock for the backdrop.

How to Wear Pearls of Today and the Past

All the fashionist as of yesteryear agreed that you simply cannot go wrong with pearls. Throughout the ages, these little blobs of oyster nacre have graced the necks of royalty. Pearls come in a variety of colors and shapes, the most well-known being the perfectly round, white pearls coveted by 1950's college girls because they matched so perfectly with cashmere twin sets. In the '20's, the flappers wore large, elongated pearls, running in gleaming ropes to waist-length or even longer. Baroque pearls are stunning, their uneven surfaces and their rectangular shapes catching the light like no other pearl can.

Often ignored, freshwater pearls are oval, and can be bought for a fraction of the cost of round ones. An example of their cost--in San Francisco's Chinatown shops, you can buy a 15-inch strand of freshwater pearls for about the cost of an ice-cream cone. Take them home, remove them from the dental floss string, string them on fishing line and add a clasp purchased from your local crafts store for an easy, elegant necklace.

Tahitian or South Sea Pearls are black, with the same opalescent gleam as their white cousins. These can get expensive, and make lovely apology gifts when men forget anniversaries, birthdays and other important occasions like graduations.

About jewelry quantity - How much is okay?

As much as I like hardware, I can’t think of an occasion to wear earrings, a necklace and a bracelet all at the same time. It comes out looking tacky. Two out of three is fine, and rings on your fingers are fine any time (not on every finger: two rings per hand are sufficient). If you’re of the belly-ring persuasion, toe-rings are cute too, but omit either necklace or earrings to keep the focus lower on the body. One exception to the two-item rule may be stud earrings. If you wear studs of gold, silver or platinum, or even small gemstones, they won't compete uncomfortably with a necklace and bracelet. In this case, two items may match, but the third should be complimentary, or you'll wind up looking like a little kid who bought the entire plastic wedding-jewelry set at the drugstore. For example, if you wear silver studs with pink zircons and a silver necklace with the same stones, your bracelet could be a plain silver bangle.

I’m a big fan of gemstones. I love tashmarine, wihich is a recently-discovered Asian stone that comes in a most unusual variety of greens. Its softness (5) prevents it from being the ideal ring choice, but set in a necklace, bracelet, or earrings, tashmarine is stunning. Check out tashmarine My other favorite gem-of-the-moment is tanzanite, available in a range of blues and lavenders. A friend of mine needed a belated birthday gift for his wife, and all was forgiven when he presented her with a tanzanite and diamond three-stone pendant. I’d have forgiven him too!

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