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Do Bangs Work with Your Face Shape?
Banged Hair Cut Tips to Consider Before You Cut

For many years bangs were reserved for those aged 10 and under, however over the past two years they’ve become a fashion trend for ladies of all ages. Supermodels are walking the runways with geometric fringe bangs and chic ladies are wearing side swept bangs, fringe cut bangs and other bang hair style trends. While they are very fashion forward, before you head out to the salon to get bangs cut, be sure they would look flattering on you. Some bang styles will accentuate a strong brow and facial features and others can visually add ten pounds to your face’s appearance. So, figuring out whether you can wear bangs effectively or not is important.

To figure out if your face shape and hair texture will work with bangs, use these beauty tips.

Hair Textures that Work with Bangs

Just like hair comes in various different lengths from long to short and textures from straight to curly, bangs do too. In fact, different styles of bangs look best with different types of hair. A hair expert can help you determine what type of hair you have and whether bangs will look good on you or not.

Those who still aren’t sure if they want to fully commit to bangs should ask for wispy bangs, which are easily swept off the face and can be grown out in no time. Those who do want to fully commit, should first think about their hair’s texture. Bangs are most flattering on ladies with straight or slightly wavy hair, with the most flattering bangs being cut into thick (not thin) hair. Those with curly hair should never get bangs, as they will only add a dated look to your hairstyle.

In addition to texture, bangs rarely work on ladies with oily hair or oily skin. Due to the fact bangs can cause more breakouts on the forehead area, if you’re prone to breakouts, skip the bangs altogether.

Face Shapes Best Suited for Banged Hair Cuts

After looking at your hair’s texture, you’ll want to think about the shape of your face. Bangs work best on oval, long and square face shapes. If your face is heart shaped or round, it’s best to steer clear of bangs. Otherwise, you’ll make your cheeks look plumper than you’ll probably like to do. If you do opt for bangs anyway, choose a long to medium bang style that can be swept back behind your ear if needed.

Can Bangs Still Work for Heart & Round Faces?

If you have a heart shaped face or round face and you do take the plunge and get bangs, don’t fret if you hate them. First, bangs obviously do grow out fairly quickly. Secondly, there are many hair accessories you can use to help make your bangs work with your face shape. Lastly, you might be able to consider a completely different hair cut to make your bangs work with your face shape, as well.

While all of these options are possible, using accessories to help make bangs work for your face shape is likely the easiest way to fix a hair cut with bangs you don’t like. If your bangs are long enough, you can sweep them to one side, secure them with a bobby pin (use the same color of pin as your hair color) and finish with a light hairspray. You can get the same side swept style by using a headband. Headbands with decorative flowers or sequined designs are extremely trendy right now, which makes accessory not only easy but also chic.

Easy, a Home Test to See if You Like Bangs

Some hair experts suggest those with longer hair do a quick experiment to see if they feel bangs are best for their face shape. Simply put your hair into a high pony tail and secure it with a band. Then take the ends of the ponytail and spread them out over your forehead, to give yourself a quick view of what you might look like with bangs. This can be an easy way to get a visual idea of what you might look like and can help you make a wise beauty decision.

Make Sure Your Let a Salon Cut Your Bangs – NO Home DIY

Remember, bangs are never a do-it-yourself hair project. It’s always best to leave even a trim to professionals unless you’ve been professional taught how to trim them yourself! If you do end up with bangs and hate them, keep in mind there are several things you can do to get through the “growing out” phase. You can easily use hair accessories and try a layering hairstyle to get your through the pains of growing your hair out once more.

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