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5 Easy Styling Tips to Fix a Bad Hair Day

Even though there are certainly worse things than experiencing bad hair, a bad hair day can quickly ruin the start to even the most beautiful of mornings. Sure, you can choose to just crawl back into your bed, giving bed head a purpose. Or, you can use these top 5 style tips to learn how to remedy a bad hair day. Whatever you choose, donít let a bad hair day get in the way of a potentially great day!
  1. Try A Ponytail!
    An updo can be the simplest and quickest way to fix any bad hair day that comes your way. Simply work mousse into your hair from the roots to the tips and opt for a sleek ponytail the next time you find yourself facing a bad hair day. Just be sure if your hair is long and heavy that you use a thick hair band, or else your ponytail will fall and your bad hair day will go from bad to worse.

  2. Quick Fix With Products!
    Sometimes all you need to do to fix a bad hair day is to grab a few handy hair products. Brands like Paul Mitchell are now offering quick hair fixes like dry shampoo. This is perfectly easy to use if you wake up late to flatness, oily scalp, frizz or a cowlick. Start by brushing your hair. Then spray the roots lightly with the dry shampoo product and then flip your hair over and spray the underneath areas with the dry shampoo product. Allow the product to dry for a few minutes, or dry it with your hair dryer if youíre in a big hurry. When itís dry, it should look fresh and be completely ready to style in any way!

  3. Hot Rollers To The Rescue!
    Sometimes the only thing you hair needs is a little heat, to get it where you want it to be. If your bad hair day is a result of limp, wavy or frizzy hair, simply throw some large hot rollers in the mix. Hot rollers can help you smooth your hair, while adding volume and shine. Theyíre so easy to use and after you put them in, you will have plenty of time to do your makeup or other morning tasks.

  4. Accessories, Accessories, Accessories!
    For those ladies with bangs, having a bad hair day can be absolutely mortifying. If your bangs have a cowlick or another issue, it can be challenging to cover it up until it goes away. Instead of heading to the salon for a quick bang cut or trim, think about using accessories to help. A cute hair clip can work wonders on unruly bangs if youíre short on time. In addition, it can help keep them out of your face when the wind blows or humidity is high.

  5. Grab A Hat And Go!
    If youíre going to a place where you can wear a hat and still look appropriate, take this bad hair day opportunity to sport your favorite cap. Instead of always picking your go-to baseball hat, think about expanding your hat collection a bit and go for something more stylish every once in a while. Other cute hats you can sport include, a cowboy hat, a beret, a large sun hat or even a sock cap.† I also like hat on days that I am just too lazy to wash my and style my hair!

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