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Anti-Aging Myths:
Top 4 Untruths on Wrinkles & Youthful Skin

How These Anti Aging Myths Start

Women everywhere pay thousands of dollars each year to look younger than their birth certificate claims they are. From wrinkle cream to expensive supplements and skin care products, women are finding it more and more difficult to attain the youthful beauty today’s society expects. The truth is there are many anti-aging treatments on the market, and many of them are telling little white lies. Take a look at these anti-aging facts and debunked secrets to get a better grip on the reality of aging remedies.

Myth #1: Expensive skin serums or formulas have better anti-aging powers.

The truth is proper cleansing and moisturizing is essential to have youthful looking skin. To get clean and moisturized skin you don’t need to spend a bundle. In fact, reputable companies like Olay, ReClaim and Dove all have terrific skin care lines you can use and trust. Sure, expensive peels and vitamins may give you the financial illusion they are better quality products, but it’s not always the truth.

Myth #2: Diet has no relation to looking young.

Studies show that women who eat balanced diets not only look younger, but also have better skin overall. Foods rich in anti-oxidants not only help the body heal and boost the immune system, but they also help the skin’s cells remain healthy. Therefore, the next time you make a choice to eat a greasy burger over green veggies, you may be adding years to your face.

Myth #3: Sleeping in your makeup is no big deal.

Doctors admit leaving cosmetics on overnight is a huge mistake. While the habit can lead to more breakouts and bad skin problems, it can also speed up the aging process. If you repeat the habit too often, you may find yourself with crow’s feet!

Myth #4 Medicines and doctor-prescribed products can stop the aging process all together.

If you’re looking for physician secrets or drugs that will help you stay young, you’ll likely be looking forever. While there are amazing discoveries found every day, there is a great deal of information available related to the aging process. None of the information found in medical reviews or in study results done by the most famous aging clinics of the world leads doctors to believe a pill can stop someone from aging. The best advice is to maintain a healthy and natural lifestyle.

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