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Air Brush Makeup:
What is it? When it is Used? Is it better?

Celebrities and rock stars all over the world are raving about air brush makeup, but very few people actually know what this innovative cosmetic concept is made up of. Airbrush makeup is ready-to-spray makeup. Few people realize you can make any liquid makeup into a ready-to-spray formula, just by adding water or silicone fluid. However, today there are complete kits available, for those who want to try out spray-on makeup, without going through the hassle of creating their own formula.

The Cost of Airbrush Makeup & Why People Are Using It
Airbrush makeup can be a little more expensive than traditional foundation and makeup. However, it can be applied a lot faster than traditional foundation. The minimal time it requires is one reason Hollywood sets are using it in large volumes. After all, the faster makeup artists can get actors and actresses out of the trailer and on to the set, the more money the production company saves. Of course, many television set makeup artists also use it, as it looks flawless on high definition television. Celebrities were once being forced to use temporary tattoo airbrush makeup, which was alcohol based and stayed on the skin for several days. However, today's air brush makeup is a lot lighter and is water-based. It's also very temporary, which means it will easily wash off, while still giving great coverage and a very even effect.

Can Anyone Apply Airbrush Makeup?
While professionals often attend a course on applying this type of makeup, anyone can learn to do it. Most airbrushing kits come with very detailed instructions and some even include CDs or videos. Allow yourself some time to experiment on your first try, however, so you can perfect your technique before you switch to using it daily. Also, be sure you understand how to use your machine and supplies in a safe way, before using the airbrush kit mechanism.

Why Use Airbrush Makeup?
Airbrush makeup is extremely easy to apply and is the perfect way to cover up flaws like blemishes, skin imperfections and even wrinkles. Whether you use a brand like Luminess Air or try another of the many types of kits, airbrush makeup allows you to get the look you want, when you want it.

While some people use it for everyday use or for special occasions to even out their total body complexion, others use it for tanning. By using a self tanning formula in the machinery, you can get a fast, spray-tan, at home.

If you love to be one of the first to try the latest and great beauty items, airbrush makeup might be just the thing to get your blood pumping! With kits costing an average of $150 each, it's certainly an investment to try this process out. However, if you enjoy it or use it for self tanning, it will be very worth the initial cost. Just be sure to do a little research to see which kit fits your needs best, before making a purchase. When your kit arrives, be sure to read all of the instructions extremely carefully, as this type of machinery can be dangerous if used improperly. Then once you're sure you know how to use the airbrush machinery, practice, practice, practice!


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