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Is Your Look Age Appropriate?
4 Ways to Change Makeup Styles as You Age

As you gracefully age, your hair color is not the only thing you’ll notice changing. As you get older, the condition of your skin will begin to transform. Not only may you start noticing fine lines, but your skin may also be oiler or dryer over time. Thus, your old makeup formulas and makeup application tips may not work well for your aging skin. Changing makeup application as you age is a great way to keep your skin looking fresh and beautiful! Use these tips to learn techniques on how to change your makeup application and removal to match your age.

#1. Take a Less is More Approach with Eye Makeup

When you were young, chances are you wouldn’t dream of leaving the house with throwing on your eye liner, brow liner, eye shadow and mascara. However, as you age there is less of a need for a multitude of products on your eye area. Instead, the main focus should be on keeping the eye area properly nourished to avoid the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Look for products with firming capabilities and use them every day! Always apply eye cream with your ring finger, as it offers the gentlest touch and avoids damaging the sensitive skin under your eye. After applying your firming product, dap a bit of concealer under each eye and blend it in until it’s virtually unnoticed. Apply a light coat of eye shadow, two coats of lengthening mascara and you’ll be ready for any event!

#2. Keep Those Lips & Cheeks Rosey for a Youthful, Age Appropriate Look!

Younger women often made the vital makeup mistake of putting on too much blush. As you age, if you use too much blush you’ll only look like a clown! So, keep your cheeks rosey by choosing a soft rose blush cream. Apply it by massaging it into the apples of your cheeks until you get a soft glow.

As you age, you’ll notice the skin around your lips changing. Most often women start to notice fine lines appearing, making it difficult to keep lipstick in place throughout the day. One easy way to avoid your lipstick from “running” is by applying a tiny bit of foundation to your lips, lining your lips with lip liner and then filling it in with matching lipstick.

#3. Aging Skin Needs More and Better Moisturizer to Battle Wrinkles!

One of the most under utilized beauty secrets lies in moisturizing. Keeping your skin hydrated can mean the difference between seeing wrinkles, fine lines and blemishes or seeing soft beautiful skin. Brands like Sephora and Oil of Olay are ideal for aging women looking for hydrating skin care cream and mineral moisturizers. These brands understand the art of aging beautifully and create the best beauty products for all ages. Check out their all-in-one cosmetic products that allow you to use just a few steps to moisturize and tone your skin. Many of them contain a cleanser and toner in one simple step. They will help with the elasticity of your skin and keep you looking younger each year!

#4. Keep It Simple for a More Timeless Look!

Remember, before you are tempted to put on a load of makeup you should step back and take a good look at yourself. Keeping your makeup simple is a great way to age gracefully, without damaging your skin or pores more than necessary. For a flawless look you can simply use a brush to swipe on loose powder, add a cream blush to your cheeks, dab concealer under your eyes, apply a few coats of mascara and be out the door!

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