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Inspired the character of Girl Friday We started freebeautytips.org with one thing in mind: to provide fabulous beauty-inspired content to women who want to combine great looks with terrific health. Over the years, beauty products have often included ingredients that didn't support health: in fact, they were dangerous! Women once used foundation made of white lead, put belladonna drops in their eyes and laced themselves into dresses so tight, the corsets caused internal injuries. While beauty has become much safer, it's still important for women to understand the way products work (or don’t work), and how their bodies may react to certain product ingredients. A major goal of Free Beauty Tips is to support the health as well as the beauty of site visitors.

Girl Friday came about as a personification of one of our redheaded cosmetics writers who also has the redheaded curse of hypersensitive, whiter-than-linen skin that never tans, only burns. Using the wrong soap makes her come out in hives, and she once suffered from a chemical-type burn while testing a papaya-enzyme face mask that had been used on hundreds of other people with no ill effects. Our own Girl Friday is always on the lookout for beauty products that work for people with sensitive skin; especially makeup with SPF, non-comedogenic moisturizers and anything designed to bring clear, smooth skin to the world's sensitive beauties. In a way, Girl Friday represents all of us: with the cosmetic industry becoming more and more high-tech, it's becoming more difficult to evaluate new beauty products for safety, skin health and long-term effects. Allergies, asthma and sensitivities are on the rise among all people, and what we put on our bodies matters to our health. So, Free Beauty Tips searches out the latest product news to keep readers healthy, beautiful and informed.

There are other reasons to understand beauty products. Money is an important consideration. Readers want to know if a particular age-resisting lotion really works, or if it's just another high-priced moisturizer. Our grandmothers used cold cream made with mineral oil—what’s so different about today's moisturizers? Customers don't want to waste money on products that don't work! Providing information that helps site visitors choose what may work for them is one of the mandates of Free Beauty Tips.

Please feel free to email us with your comments, beauty questions and suggestions, and beauty opportunities at info@freebeautytips.org.

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