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How To Get The 1980's Retro Look:
Makeup & Fashion for an Eighties Costume Outfit

While no one thought twice about the wild 80's makeup trends during the actual decade, today we look back and realize our everyday makeup styles have changed dramatically. In the eighties, makeup trends were colorful, with most ladies wearing fads of bright eye makeup and lipstick colors. Women were establishing themselves in the workplace and many makeup experts feel like the fluorescent lights in office buildings contributed to the extremely abundant amounts of makeup being worn by the ladies. Those who worked outside the home always wore a full set of make up to work, including foundation, powder, lipstick, eye shadow, eye liner, mascara and blush. While the 80s makeup was heavy and colorful, today ladies most often stick to natural and neutral makeup.

1980's Fashions and Clothing Styles

If you're planning to attend an 1980's party or dress up in one of the best 80s costumes, you'll need the makeup to complete your look. But, first you'll need to choose one of the most perfect outfits by thinking, what did people wear? To get a stylish 80s look, think about trying on a skirt suit with big shoulder pads, high heels, leggings under skirts, ankle boots, bright colored plastic bangles, wide belts, or long t-shirts made into dresses. If you need inspiration for a powerful 80s look, think about checking out reruns of Designing Women, were the power suit was essential and the hair was big and bold.

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Complete Your Look With Mica Makeup and Cosmetics

If you want your makeup to fit your 1980’s theme party outfit, start with mica. This reflective mineral allows you to keep lasting color on your face, all day long. It gives you a sparkle, without flakiness. Mica is ground into fine powder that leaves you with a romantic and lush look. Most often in the 80s, it was used in eye shadow or for dusting the shoulder blades when you showed off your upper torso areas in an off-the-shoulder dress. The great thing is mica will last a long time. It comes in a wide variety of colors, but they are all iridescent. To get the best application, be sure to apply it damp, with a brush or sponge. You can add it to your moisturizer or into nail polish. It is non-toxic, so don't worry about it hurting you.

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Makeup Application Video about the 80s Look - Just Add a Side Ponytail!

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The Basic Glam 1980's Look

Maybe you'd like to add more glam to your 80s outfit, but aren't sure where to start. Think about looking at the 80s styles of Madonna to get glam inspiration. Music was very inspirational when it came to the clothes of the 80s. Madonna was known for her white foundation, black eyeliner and shocking 80s fashion. While some ladies were wearing their power suits, trying to break through the corporate glass ceiling, others were trying to be glamorous and show off their sexuality with mini skirts, fishnet stocking and leather wear. Due to the fact most women piled on the makeup and the oversized clothing, they almost looked as if they were hiding who they really were from the world.

Common 80s hair and Makeup Trends

In the 80s, glam punk rocker style was created and the fashions of the time fell somewhere between Star Trek glam and office glam. The makeup was so bold it almost entered the room before the wearer! There were trends of smoky eyes and big pouty lips, laced in heavy lip liner and matte lipstick. Most women wore a full face of makeup every day, colored her hair in bright hues and used curling irons, perms, blow dryers and loads of hairspray and gel to get her hair “just right”. Hair styles were extremely big and rarely blew in the wind, due to all of the hairstyles requiring so much product.

More Casual 80s Styles In Fashion

Another very popular fashion trend in the eighties was retro work out wear, so if you want to stay comfortable and are wondering what to wear, this type of clothing might be optimal. Thanks to icons like Jane Fonda, ladies loved leg warmers and running suits, whether they were going to dance to lose weight or just wanted to be comfortable. Many women were extremely thin and wore their workout wear all over town. Sunglasses worn were large and sun visors were extremely popular. Those who wore glasses for vision correction also chose large round frames, almost covering the entire top half of the face.

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