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1980's Makeup Looks & Hair Styles:
Eighties Fads for Hair, Eyes, Lips & Cheeks

There’s something fun and exciting about the fashion of the 1980s and during the Halloween party season, people love to pay tribute to their favorite 80s looks by dressing up in costumes from the punk culture of the past. From Madonna outfits to homemade girl groups outfits with workout leg warmers included, eighties theme retro costumes are all the rage this year! Use these makeup and hair tips to help you complete your 80s costume look this Halloween season.

Eighties Eye Makeup Styles

During the 80s, eye makeup was bold and bright. Forget about minimal eye makeup when you want to dress in an 80s costume. Fads included blue, pink and white eye shadow, black eye liner and colored mascara. To get the look, start with bright white eye shadow and cover your entire eye lid (up to your eyebrow). Then sweep a bright blue or neon pink shadow on your lid, up to the crease of your lid and blend. The more dramatic the color, the better! Add thick black eyeliner to both the top and bottom lash lines of your eye and finish with bright blue or thick black mascara. Remember, in the 80s eyeliner was almost always worn inside the lid’s rim. Eyeliner in blue and teal was very popular, as well.

1980’s Blush & Cheeks Makeup

Again, the make up of women in the 80s was bold, just like the pop music and dance styles. So, when you’re applying blush for an 80s style, be sure to use bright colors of hot pink or dark red (for darker skin tones). Pile it on, as subtle looks weren’t big during this era. There was no such thing as “less is more”, especially when it came to blush. The heavier the blush, the more 80s your makeup will appear. Be sure to accentuate your cheek bones with contouring blush strokes, which were also popular in the 80s.

80s Lip Color and Application Ideas

Lipstick in bright colors of fuchsia, red, purple and hot pink was hot in the 80s, with most women loving their lips to shine like glass. For this look, pair a sparkly lip gloss over your favorite bright lipstick color. If you can find a lip gloss with glitter in it, even better! While most women would steer clear of blue or orange lipstick today, the 80s were all about color and these wild lipstick colors were more than hip.

80’s Hip Hair Styles and Cuts

When hair styling for your 80s look, bring on lots of teasing and hairspray. Hair during this era was big and teased. Many women loved to crimp their hair or tease it until it looked like a huge rat’s nest. Bangs were curled into big bouffants and held securely with hair spray. Many girls loved to use spray colors of pink, orange or green in their hair at this time as well. So, be bold and grab the AquaNet!

Makeup was something women simply didn’t leave the house without in the 80s. However, during the 80s, women weren’t the only ones wearing makeup. Men also experimented with various make up, even non-rock stars! Men wore pale foundation, eyeliner and some even ventured to be as bold as wearing blush and lipstick. The 80s were all about fashion, style and breaking out of the conservative mold and the makeup and hair styles of the era certainly represented this society desire.

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