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Newest Beauty Tips & Fashion Advice Articles
  1. Highlighting Olive Skin Tones: 7 Makeup Application & Color Tips
    Learn about the makeup colors, products and shades that best flatter olive skin tones. Get additional tips on foundation and eye makeup application techniques that will be highlight your naturally tanned skin.

  2. Top 7 Makeup Color & Application Tips for Dark Skin Beauties
    Read our top 7 makeup tips for women with darker skin tones including choosing flattering colors and how to apply different makeup products properly.

  3. Makeup Tips by Eye Shape: Wide, Narrow, Deep or Lidded
    Learn how to apply eye makeup according to your eye shape. Learn how to apply shadow and liner to.best accentuate your wide, narrow or deep set eyes.

  4. Top 10 Makeup Tips for Women with Blonde Hair & Fair Skin
    Read these makeup tips to learn about the colors and application techniques that work best on women with light or fair skin and blonde hair.

  5. Top 4 Summer Hair Care Tips
    Learn how to protect hair from the damaging effects of heat, sun, chorine, sweat & saltwater.

  6. 4 Best Tips for Healthy, Blemish-Free Summer Skin
    The summer weather brings heat, sun and sweat to skin. Read these tips on how to best protect your skin in warmer weather.

  7. Top Flossing Tips to Improve Your Teeth Health & Beauty
    Learn the biggest benefit of flossing and how to best floss your teeth for a healthy, white.

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  1. Measuring Your Bra Band & Cup Size
    Are your wearing the correct bra size? Over 75% of women aren't!

  2. How to Tie and Wear a Scarf
    Scarves are versatile beauty accessories that can be tied many ways.

  3. Shaping Eyebrows: Threading, Plucking & Waxing
    Methods for taming and shaping your eyebrows correctly.

  4. Damaged Hair Treatments & Remedies
    Repair dry, damaged hair with these hair care tips.

  5. Homemade Salt and Sugar Body Scrub Recipes
    Make your own exfoliate scrub from kitchen ingredients.

  6. What to Wear on a First Date
    First date fashion & etiquette advice depending on date location.
Editor's Featured Beauty Tips Articles & Sections

Fashion & Style Tip

Business Professional Dress Code For Women
Get tips on how to dress (and what not to wear) in an office with a business professional dress code.

Hair Removal Tip

Ways to Get Rid of Unwanted Facial Hair
Get tips on hair removal options available for getting rid of unwanted facial hair like waxing, bleaching, tweezing and more.

Makeup Tip

1970's Makeup Styles: Add Some 70s Flair
Learn how to apply vintage makeup from the 70s. Read about 1970's fashion, hair and over all styles and get inspired for your next party.

Skin Care Beauty Tip

Dry Skin Natural Remedies & Products
If you have dry or flaky skin, read these tips on helpful natural remedies and drugstore products that may give you some relief.

Eye Makeup Tip

Preventing & Covering Dark Under Eye Circles
Every women has under eye circles to a point. Perhaps it is genetics or lack of sleep. Learn how to cover these with proper concealer application.

Hair Care Tip

Choosing Hair Color Dye Shades By Skin Tone
Hair dye color comes in literally hundrs, might be what that particular woman finds most troubling about her own appearance. Our beauty tips are dedicated to teaching basic beauty techniques and dealing will beauty issues like makeup application, hair care, skin routines, skin problems, fitness troubles and healthy lifestyles that improve inner and outer beauty. We also write beauty advice encouraging women and teens to work with the beauty they already have by choosing clothing styles by body type or makeup color according to skin complexion and hair color. Trendy fads in hair, makeup and style fade, but the basics of working with what you have are always the most classically beautiful.

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